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Warm & Shiny Strums

Add warm and shimmering acoustic guitar strumming to your production

Graphical user interface of Virtual Guitarist Amber plug-in

Acoustic Guitar for Pop and Ballads

Virtual Guitarist AMBER is your very own ’acoustic session strummer’ plug-in from ujam, providing warm and authentic steel-string acoustic guitar accompaniment in over 50 different styles. Create beautiful sounding acoustic guitar tracks within your DAW quickly and without any prior guitar skills.tt

Acoustic guitar with strings
What’s in There?

Steel-string acoustic
guitar strumming

More than 50 Styles
and 600 Phrases

Select or mix between microphone and pick-up signal

From full-bodied warm to metallic-sparkling bright

Faster, Better and Easier

AMBER is suitable for all music production skill levels, from complete beginners who are just starting out to top professional composers working to tight deadlines who want great sounding acoustic guitar tracks with minimal fuss.

Amber with stones

Shimmer Algorithm

Tweak the sound even further with separate controls for overall tone including the position of your strumming hand and add some beautifully smooth top end with our unique shimmer algorithm. Throw in the options for authentic fret noise, lower tuning and doubling with some fantastic effects and you end up with a sonically versatile toolbox of acoustic steel-string sounds at your fingertips.

Get Your Strum on!

The premium sound quality of Virtual Guitarist AMBER comes from the culmination of rigorous testing and measuring of dozens of combinations of high-end guitars and microphones. Eventually, the perfect blend was found: A boutique American vintage dreadnought and a legendary German vintage large diaphragm microphone. For even more sonic versatility we’ve captured the guitar pickup too.

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Blurry Amber
Features at a Glance

Graphical user interface of Virtual Guitarist Amber plug-in

Guy with glasses singing into microphone

This is scary good. It’s real. Fuck.

- Rick DiFonzo, Guitarist and Producer (Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters)

Native Kontrol Standard

Virtual Guitarist supports Native Instruments NKS. Virtual Guitarist will be mapped to Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine straight out of the box. Enabling you to use Virtual Guitarist with the Light Guide, Smart Play features, and the full creative potential of KOMPLETE KONTROL without any configuration hassle.

Sounds Galore!

Bundle AMBER with complementary instruments to save up to 50%

virtual-guitarist-amber-packaging-l Packaging
Warm & Shiny Strums

The Hard Facts

Operating SystemsWindows 7 or later.
OS X 10.11 / macOS 10.12 or later.
64 bit only.

You may run it on earlier versions but we don’t support them.
Minimum Requirements4 GB of RAM
2.4 GB of Disk Space

1280x768px Display, Internet Connection.
If you want to move your .blob file to an external drive, we recommend the use of a SSD to prevent dropouts.
Plugin FormatsVST, AU, and AAX
On Reason? A-List Acoustic Guitarist is AMBER’s Sister in Rack Extension
Delivery FormatDownloadable Installer File
AuthorizationE-mail and Password Within the Plug-in
Supported StandardsMIDI, Native Instruments NKS
User Guide
Read it Here