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Brass, drums and strings from Hans Zimmer’s library

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World-class orchestral phrases

BRAAASS, DRUMS & STRIIIINGS deliver Hans Zimmer’s personal collection of brass section phrases, percussive phrases and legendary string recordings. Tried and tested in Hollywood, these exclusive plug-ins make cinematic brass, drums and strings accessible for anyone.

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1/3 Symphonic Elements Braaass
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2/3 Symphonic Elements Drums
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3/3 Symphonic Elements Striiiings

Finisher FX

A custom-made Finisher effect section.

High class collection

With these plug-ins you get Hans Zimmer’s personal collection of brass section phrases, percussive phrases & legendary string recordings.

Million-dollar sound

UJAM is happy to count Hans Zimmer – one of the world’s great film composers – as one of its co-founders. Hans generously gave us access to his legendary brass, drums & strings recordings, amassed over decades, for use in BRAAASS, DRUMS & STRIIIINGS.

Born from art & technology

Programming realistic cinematic tracks can be daunting. That’s why the UJAM performance engine provides ready-made sequences and creative controls. With Symphonic Elements it’s fast and easy; instantly synced to your DAW’s tempo. They take care of the details, so you can focus on your music!

Finisher FX

The custom-made Finisher effect section is a one-knob sound design delight. Transform the character of your BRAAASS, DRUMS or STRIIIINGS track to match any genre or mood.


Perform your tracks with the crossfader. BRAAASS is made up from two independent low and high sections, DRUMS is made up from two independent low and high sections like bass drums or snares, STRIIIINGS comes with low and high string sections. Seamlessly blend between them, or add subtle variations by automating.

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