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Authentic Pro Drum Performances - In a Snap!
The Fastest Way to add Kick-Ass Custom Drumming to Your Production
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Add Custom Drums to Your Music Production

Realism and subtle playing variety with Humanize and Feel like a real drummer

Recording great sounding drum tracks has always been an art form. The final result is subject to many different variables that can be expensive and difficult to combine effectively, such as the skill of the drummer, the microphone choice and placement, the room acoustics, the choice of drum hardware, what preamps and compressor to use … the list is endless. What if there was an easier way to get studio quality drum performances in your tracks without all that fuss and expense?

Produce Highest Studio Quality Drum Tracks in No Time

Introducing the Virtual Drummer series from UJAM Instruments—a collection of virtual instrument plug-ins designed to take the hassle out of getting great sounding, kick-ass drum tracks for your productions. No drumsticks or tedious programming required!

Kick-Ass Drum Tracks

UJAM Instruments specialize in making ‘frustration-free’ software that solves problems for all music production skill levels with the Virtual Drummer series being no exception. Professionals will appreciate and benefit from the time saved in getting the high-quality results they demand whilst beginners now have easy access to their own personal studio drumming companion that always sounds great and is always on time!

Custom Playing Style

Each Virtual Drummer comes with five extensively sampled drum kits, ready-made smart-mix presets, and a wide range of styles and performances that can be tweaked to perfectly match your desired feel and groove. Within the series, each individual Virtual Drummer embodies a unique custom playing style sound and personality.

Always on Time

SOLID is your all-around reliable session pro suitable for most popular styles, HEAVY delivers hard and straight rock beats while PHAT gives you urban and funky grooves.

All Virtual Drummer plug-ins are available as a direct download in VST, AU, and AAX formats and work in any compatible DAW, including Logic, Garageband, Cubase, Ableton Live and Pro Tools. Try a free 30-day demo of a Virtual Drummer plug-in today and enjoy creating drum tracks faster, easier and better than ever before!

Virtual Drummer SOLID Walkthrough
A Deep Dive Into SOLID, Your Personal Gold-Standard Session Drummer.
Learn how to create a Progressive Rock Ballad with Virtual Guitarist IRON & Virtual Drummer HEAVY...
Drum Roll, Please...!
Virtual Guitarist joins Virtual Drummer plug-ins PHAT, SOLID and HEAVY under the new name of UJAM Instruments!