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Gold-Plated Perfectionism

Virtual Drummer plug-ins add custom drums to your music production

Produce highest studio quality drum tracks in no time

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Add realism and subtle playing variety with Humanize and Feel like a real drummer

UJAM Instruments Virtual Drummer: Your personal drummer plug-in series. The fastest way to add kick-ass custom drumming to your production. Each Virtual Drummer comes with five extensively sampled drum kits, ready-made smart-mix presets, and a wide range of styles and performances. Each Virtual Drummer is a unique personality with its custom playing style and gear. SOLID is your alround session pro, HEAVY delivers hard and straight rock beats while PHAT gives you the urban funky groove. All plug-ins are available as direct download in VST, AU, and AAX and work in any DAW, no matter whether you’re on Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live or any other Digital Audio Workstation.

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Hard-Nosed & Forward
Funk-A-Licious & Groovy
ujam Tutorial 6
Combine VD Heavy & VG Iron