Machine with guitar standing in front of large hexagon

The Toughest Element

This story-telling super weapon brings heavily distorted sounds to your production...

Grahphical user interface Virtual Guitarist CARBON

Utterly Familiar yet Excitingly Strange

We built CARBON because there was nothing like it – a virtual instrument creating versatile modern “sound-designed” guitar sounds in all kinds of music genres – from the super-quantized accents in electronic music to action-packed big riffs in game soundtracks to subtle vibes in movie scores.

8-string electric guitar
What’s in There?

Organic, distorted & processed rhythm guitar sounds

MIDI Drag and Drop

Unique Layerer soundstage combining up to four guitarists

Finisher multi-effect rack with 75 cutting-edge effect algorithms

The Most Versatile Virtual Guitarist

CARBON is for sound designers and musicians who go beyond borders. It’s an otherworldly guitar for game soundtracks and film scores, but can also give electronic and pop music that extra kick. It’s a wild and heavily distorted sound, yet that rawness is somehow precise, controlled and sometimes even synth-like at the same time.

Collage of three different video stills

Sounds for action-packed adventures

Futuristic Game Soundtrack


Cinematic Movie Score


Hard & Heavy Music Production

Sound Designers’ Delight

No matter how much you push the edgy digital effects, the underlying sonic textures always remain organic and raw. The instrument always remains playable and musical. This lets CARBON play perfectly alongside synths, drum machines, orchestras and band musicians.

View at mixer in music studio

Decidedly Cinematic

It is the sound of hellfire inside an Icelandic volcano and also the sensitive instrumentation aboard a lonely space station orbiting the moons of Jupiter. It is heavy and in-your-face when pushed but also light-and-delicate when dialed down. Use it to inject an instant, controlled blast of raw power or to provide a slowly evolving momentum to build up and carry a scene.

Texture design
Features at a Glance

CARBON’s Ultra Amp and Future Distortion algorithms leave no call for insane overdrive unanswered. Its innovative Layerer feature, a virtual soundstage with up to four guitarists, lets you control bigness and width from a tame mono riff to the earth-shaking quadro Wall Of Doom.

Grahphical user interface Virtual Guitarist CARBON
Instrument Mode

CARBON’s Instrument Mode lets you play a wide range of articulations on an amazing 8-string guitar.

Player Mode

The Player Mode comes with inspiring riffs and phrases.

Hans Zimmer Portait

CARBON is completely inspirational and all over our tracks! The devil’s candy.

– Hans Zimmer, Film Composer (Grammy Award Winner, Golden Globe Winner, Academy Award Winner)
Daniel James

This thing I fucking love!

– Daniel James, Video Game and Film Composer (Metal Gear Solid V)

With CARBON, the ability to create great guitar sounds with amp placement & incredible signal processing becomes so intuitive and rewarding. I’m proud to have this in my DAW.

– John Massari, Film Composer (Killer Clowns from Outer Space)

CARBON let’s you make your ideal sounds quickly even without an ability to play guitar

– Masahiro Aoki, Guitarist & Composer (Street Fighter V, Ex-Capcom Composer)

Amazing plug-in. Absolutely love it!

– Peter Baltes, Bassist & Composer (Ex-Accept, TV & film composer)

Are You Worthy of Carbon?

Bundle CARBON with Complementary Instruments to Save up to 50%

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The Toughest Element
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Hard-Nosed & Forward

The Hard Facts

Operating SystemsWindows 7 or later.
OS X 10.11 / macOS 10.12 or later.
64 bit only.

You may run it on earlier versions but we don’t support them.
Minimum Requirements4 GB of RAM
4.5 GB of Disk Space

1280x768px Display, Internet Connection.
If you want to move your .blob file to an external drive, we recommend the use of a SSD to prevent dropouts.
Plugin FormatsVST, AU 2, and AAX
AU 2 version only compatible with Logic Pro X and newer.
Delivery FormatDownloadable Installer File
AuthorizationE-mail and Password Within the Plug-in
Supported StandardsMIDI
User Guide
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