The way of producing music has changed over time, to be a producer today can be very stressful and time-consuming. With sample libraries like Loopcloud or Splice, producers get access to millions of loops and samples in all types of genres and musical styles. The big problem here? Every producer has access to the same library and the same sounds. So you might be asking yourself “how can I stand out from the crowd?” or “how can I create an interesting, unique sound that lifts me up from everyone else?“, right?

Well, the answer is Finisher FLUXX! With 50 different effect chains, you can easily create your unique sound and modular to your liking. Be part of a guided tour with Derek von Krogh. He’s not only a highly professional German music producer but also the mastermind behind Finisher FLUXX. Get a feel for how FLUXX can completely transform your sound into complex moving samples.

Ultimate Timesaver

The idea is that FLUXX is your new ultimate timesaver for processing boring sounds into something very useful. You can always save your settings as a preset, so when you found the perfect mix between the variation knobs, you can always come back to it again. This will help you not losing any ideas that provided you the perfect sound. For more information in detail head over to our knowledge base.

The Arpeggionics mode is probably one of the most time-saving effect modes that exist within the Finisher series. It turns every simple melody or boring sample into animated beauty with more complex automation than you care to know. That's why we inserted a preset called the "Ultimate Timesaver", you can find it in the "Introduction" category. Try the preset on a random Arpeggio Melodie just like in Derek's guide tour at 0:29 and you will see how time-saving it is!

Finisher FLUXX has a lot in common with NEO and VOODOO, but one of the main differences is that we categorized all 50 Modes into four categories: Arpeggio, Chords, Rhythmic, and Solo. This will give you directions for which type of sample the mode would fit well, so you save a lot of time finding the right mode. No worries, you can still combine every type of instrument with every type of mode, which often creates completely new and unexplored sounds.


When to use FLUXX

Everyone in the studio falls asleep? This is the time for adding some FLUXX to your track. The good thing about FLUXX, it's not bound to a specific instrument, you can even use it on drums very well. The "Rhythmic" category will help you get started here, for any type of drum sound. Especially the modes with ducking options can be very helpful here to spice them up and wake up your mates in the studio.

All in all, you can use FLUXX on everything that sounds boring to you but you have no idea how to make it interesting. Then when it just needs this special touch of craziness, but Fluxx can also be very soft and kind. We recommend a lot to try it on keys and piano sounds as well, the "Yay! Science!" mode gives your piano the depth and character that it needs to sound more beautiful.