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ujam creates a variety of incredible sounding yet easy to use music plug-ins, designed to enhance the creative process and to make music creation faster, better and easier than ever. Our instruments and effects are available for most major DAW’s and plug-in formats including VST, AU, AAX and Reason Studios Rack Extension.

Man with cap sitting in his home studio making music


Produce Professional Tracks Without Playing an Instrument

Create great music with our virtual session musicians – the next best thing to being in a studio with real ones. Impressive results, inspiring process, and a focus on the only thing that matters: Your ideas.

You and Us

Built for musicians by musicians

We at UJAM are a pretty diverse bunch – from DJ to Drummer to weekend producer to Oscar-awarded Hollywood composer. We build every product for ourselves, and, like you, we’re all users of our Virtual Instruments - from Guitarists to Beatmakers. We aim to deliver style authenticity and sound quality that meet highest standards of gear, performance and engineering. Naturally, we’re always open to new ideas and critique, and you are always encouraged and welcome to talk to us.

Boris Salchow
Composer & ujam User
Simon Kujus
DJ & ujam Audio Engineer


Makes You Sound like the Real Thing

Whether you are a skilled musician or a complete novice, the ujam plug-in series Groovemate, Symphonic Elements, Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Drummer, Virtual Bassist, Beatmaker and Finisher can provide professional sounding and solid foundations on which to build and compose entire tracks with enough versatility to explore many musical genres & styles quickly and easily.

The heads and tuning keys of seven different guitars
Blurry image of the silhouette of a man in front of his home recording studio making music


Less Controls, More Control

Here’s how ujam plug-ins are different: By design, you cannot get lost and every control will always do something that you can instantly hear and understand. Because we’re musicians, too, and we know: It’s supposed to feel like flow, not work.


Making Music Production Faster, Better, Easier

The story behind the creation of the ujam Virtual Guitarist series originates from the hugely successful Steinberg Virtual Guitarist released in 2002. The team behind that landmark release reunited and created ujam with a vision to develop great sounding and easy to use virtual instruments helping people to make music faster, better and easier than ever before.

Comparison of two computers with virtual instruments open on the screens
Music room with three guitars, keyboard, microphone and a bookshelf

Curious? Take It for a Spin!

We give you every instrument full version 30 days for free – no strings attached. Rediscover how easy and fun music making can be!

They’re best sellers for a reason!

Get your hands on the the most popular UJAM instruments!

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Smells like mean drumming
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Evoke Emotions
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