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Create your music faster, better and easier

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Produce professional guitar, bass and drum tracks without playing an instrument

UJAM Instruments is your studio companion providing you with state-of-the-art virtual instruments. With UJAM Instruments' plug-ins series Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Drummer, Virtual Drummer and Beatmaker you can produce and create your music wherever it suits you: Open your desired DAW and start producing your song. Currently supported formats of UJAM Instruments plug-ins are: VST, AU, and AAX, as well as Propellerheads Rack Extension. With UJAM Instruments you create your music faster, better and easier than ever! That’s our promise.

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Great Results
“Makes you sound like the real thing.”
Create great music with our virtual session musicians - the next best thing to being in a studio with real ones. Impressive results, inspiring creative process, and a focus on the only thing that matters: Your ideas.
Delivers Virtuoso Guitar Accompaniments
Pre-order all three Virtual Bassist plug-ins now
100% Style, 0% Sweat
Authentic Pro Drum Performances