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Glamorous & Catchy Licks

Play Slick and Colorful Licks with a Virtual Pop Guitar - From Clean to Crunchy

From Funky Clean Pop to Indie Rock Hits

Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE is your strutting session specialist for chords, octaves and single note electric guitar riffs. A true team player that doesn’t hog the limelight, supporting your songs with just the right amount of swagger and style.

What’s in There?

Clean to crunchy
pop guitar

More than 90 Styles
and 1000 Phrases

Single-note, octave
and chord riffs

From funky clean
to indie rock

Faster, Better and Easier

Suitable for professionals and beginners alike, SPARKLE’s frustration-free design means that whatever your level of music production experience, you’re guaranteed to get results in your DAW faster, easier and better than ever before.

Timeless Sound

From clean to crunchy, twangy to fat: 60s grit, 70s disco, 80s glam, 90s brit pop, 00s indie and contemporary electronic pop - SPARKLE has got you covered.

Think Tele, Strat & Jag

We recorded Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE with a customized vintage guitar utilizing its single-coil pickups to get that legendary and timeless bell-like sound. Just like its celebrated physical counterparts, SPARKLE is a versatile instrument, with over 90 different styles containing 1000 individually recorded guitar licks and phrases for instant gratification when composing.

Features at a Glance

Our emulations of hand-picked vintage amps and speaker cabinets ensure classy tone and vibrant character whilst the in-built effect and tonals control make it simple to dial in your perfect sound and craft your next hit!

Signature Algorithm

Adds a gritty - overdriven, high-mid boost - component to the guitar signal that creates a beefier sound that cuts through your mix!

More Pickups - More Choice

Lets you mix and match between 4 different guitar pickups.

Sounds Galore

Select from perfectly matched guitar settings and classic amp/speaker combinations

It**b**s getting crunchier!

Lets you adjust the overdrive (distortion) amount of the guitar signal.

I Have It, Am Using It and Love It

- Stephen Lipson, Record Producer, Audio Engineer, Guitarist, and songwriter (Annie Lennox, Geri Halliwell, Hans Zimmer)

Native Kontrol Standard

Virtual Guitarist supports Native Instruments NKS. Virtual Guitarist will be mapped to Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine straight out of the box. Enabling you to use Virtual Guitarist with the Light Guide, Smart Play features, and the full creative potential of KOMPLETE KONTROL without any configuration hassle.

The Sparks are Flying!

Bundle SPARKLE with Complementary Instruments to Save Up to 50%

Glamorous & Catchy Licks
Gold-Standard Session Drummer
Guitarist Bundle
Sound Better Faster!
US$665.00 40
Full Bundle
Our collector's edition
US$3,979.00 57.299999237061

The Hard Facts

Operating Systems

Windows 8 or later.
OS X 10.11 / macOS 10.12 or later.

64 bit only.

You may run it on earlier versions but we don’t support them.

Minimum Requirements

4 GB of RAM 3.1 GB of Disk Space

1280x768px Display, Internet Connection. If you want to move your .blob file to an external drive, we recommend the use of a SSD to prevent dropouts.

Plugin Formats

VST, AU, and AAX

On Reason? A-List Electric Guitarist Pop Chords is SPARKLE’s Brother in Rack Extension

Delivery Format

Downloadable Installer File


E-mail and Password Within the Plug-in

Supported Standards

MIDI, Native Instruments NKS

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