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EDM, Big-Room & Rave

Beatmaker plug-ins for electronic beats and grooves

Produce genre-authentic, high quality drum tracks with ease

Carefully crafted drum kits and loads of matching grooves

UJAM Beatmakers upgrade your production with genre-authentic sounds and grooves of impeccable quality. Each Beatmaker is a versatile tool for professional composers and producers in need of a powerful creation tool for genre-authentic electronic beats and grooves, without the limitations of loops. The plug-ins offer over fifty musical styles and hundreds of phrases. Grooves and Hits can be played and created real-time using keyboards and other controllers. Extensive dynamic control and a style-optimized mixing console with UJAMs signature macro-control concept encourage live-arrangement and dynamic mixing. The beatmaker plug-ins cover the most exciting sub-genres of todays music charts: EDEN is tailored to EDM, HUSTLE is for dirty & gritty Trap, and DOPE is aimed at Boombap and Hip Hop.

Trap, Grime & Dirty South
Boom Bap, Hip Hop & Rap
UJAM Instruments Beatmaker
Makers of Virtual Guitarist take the concept to electronic beats