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Stellar Discounts for Your Loyalty

Complete your UJAM Collection with our popular crossgrade offers, now discounted by an extra 40% for a limited time. Login to see your Offer


Virtual Bassist Bundle

  • Finger, Slap, Metal, Acoustic, Vintage bassists
  • Your personal bass player - electric or acoustic
  • Hundreds of styles and sounds, easy and inspiring

Beatmaker Bundle

  • 14 titles - smashing beats and kits for all electronic music
  • 30 styles, 5 kits, 5 mixes, 12 instruments per Beatmaker
  • EDM, Hip Hop, 80s, Pop, House, Reggaeton and much more

Symphonic Elements Bundle

  • From Hans Zimmer's personal orchestra library
  • Hollywood-approved Strings, Brass, Percussion
  • Fast, inspiring, no orchestra skills required

Finisher Bundle

  • Never run out of effect ideas again
  • Seven multi-effects, easy to use, instant inspiration
  • Studio FX, Guitar FX, Glitches, Retro, Risers and more

Virtual Drummer Bundle

  • Studio, Rock, 70s, Heavy, RnB, Pop, HipHop
  • A-List drum performances and kits
  • Your session drummers - versatile and professional

Virtual Guitarist Bundle

  • 5 Guitarists: Rock, Clean, Metal, Steel String, Nylon
  • Your personal rhythm guitarists in a versatile package
  • Authentic voicings, multi-effects, inspiring and easy

Usynth Bundle

  • Seven award-winning Usynths: GLAM, CORE, PIXEL, DELUXE, EUPHORIA, CARAMEL, 2080
  • three brand-new Usynths: TURBO-XT, STRANGER and FLUID
$ 249.00 48
$ 129.48

Virtual Pianist Bundle

  • Get three distinct Pianists now: SCORE, VIBE, VOGUE
  • Receive Virtual Pianist RELIC - The Imperfect Upright - upon release (July 24th)
$ 299.00 50
$ 149.50

Full Bundle

  • All 50+ virtual instruments and effects in one
  • All you need for producing your music fast and easy
  • 4000+ presets and 68500+ multi-effects

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