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Zero Piano Skills Required

Electric and acoustic pianos – the UJAM way

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Produce and perform convincing piano tracks with captivating sound design.

Titles featuring pristine piano models that you can play, and the industry’s leading pianist engine in case you can’t. Either way, you’re set to impress - and often even yourself.

The Virtual Pianist Series



15Piano Characters


440+Global Presets

179 NEW

110+Style Phrases

41 NEW

VP Packshot
1/3 Virtual Pianist VOGUE
vp vibe packaging l
2/3 Virtual Pianist VIBE
vp score packaging l
3/3 Virtual Pianist SCORE

Phrase Player Engine

Conduct a range of rhythmic, arpeggiated and stylized piano performances with the press of a key. How much more control you want to take is entirely up to you!

Instrument Mode

Know how to play keys? In Instrument Mode, Virtual Pianist doubles as a fully playable piano so you can decorate your genius with our pristine piano models and the shockingly creative Finisher and Ambience FX.

MIDI Drag & Drop

Effortlessly drag and drop your favorite MIDI phrases into your DAW to fine-tune and tweak them to your liking.


Route the MIDI from Virtual Pianist directly to any other virtual or external MIDI instruments for endless inspiration and production fun.

Sound too good to be true? Let your ears decide…

Check out the demo tracks for proof of what Virtual Pianist can do.

All in one place

The new UJAM App is a quick and easy way for you to install, authorize, and update all existing and new plug-ins. Spend more time making music and less time managing installers.

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