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Add Virtuoso Guitar Accompaniments to Your Music Production in no Time
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Create Top Studio Quality Guitar Tracks in Minutes

Easily add inspiring and professional sounding performances to your tracks

Imagine your own personal session guitarist, available 24 hours a day and ready to play your favorite style of musical accompaniment at a moment’s notice with ease? It sounds like an impossible dream, but with the Virtual Guitarist series from UJAM Instruments, those dreams become reality.

Produce Guitar Tracks Without Playing Guitar

Introducing Virtual Guitarist Amber, Iron, Sparkle and Silk from UJAM Instruments – A series of virtual instruments designed to enable anyone to get great sounding guitar accompaniment in a variety of styles with minimum fuss. The virtual guitarist series is suitable for everyone from seasoned professional composers wanting to save time and get great sounding results fast to complete beginners taking their first steps in music making.

Frustration Free Experience

The secret behind the virtual guitarist series is centered in UJAM Instruments frustration-free design policy – no sound engineering or guitar skills necessary! Just Insert the plug-in in your compatible DAW of choice and start producing realistic sounding guitar tracks in an instant using the intuitive controls. Use Virtual Guitarists advanced built-in effects and amp modeling to fine-tune your sound. Get the right tone whilst choosing between thousands of different style appropriate guitar licks and phrases to build and augment your tracks.

A Producers Playground

Each virtual guitarist plug-in within the series has its own unique tonal personality with carefully curated combinations of guitars, amps, playing styles and effects enabling everything from rip-roaring electric power chords and funky clean riffs to delicate nylon and steel stringed acoustic strums and fingerpicking.

Faster, Better and Easier

The story behind the creation of the UJAM Virtual Guitarist series originates from the hugely successful Steinberg Virtual Guitarist released in 2002. The team behind that landmark release reunited and created UJAM instruments with a vision to develop great sounding and easy to use virtual instruments helping people to make music faster, better and easier than ever before.

The Virtual Guitarist series can be used on MAC and PC computers and is compatible with most major DAW’s that fully support the VST, AU and AAX plug-in formats. Try a free 30-day trial of a Virtual Guitarist plug-in today and get on board with UJAM instruments.

Create a Disco Funk Riff with VG SPARKLE
Time for Disco! Composer and producer Martin Seyer demonstrates how to create a crispy funk riff with Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE.
Behind the scenes
The Virtual Guitarist Idea
Peter Gorges - Virtual Guitarist history, straight from the horse's mouth. Peter played an instrumental role in the inception of legacy Virtual Guitarist in 2001 ...
Behind the scenes
Detlef Blanke – The Man Behind Virtual Guitarists musicality and realism
Get to know Detlef Blanke. He was very involved with how Virtual Guitarists play and behave ...