This one is different.

Meet Carbon – inspired by the toughest element on earth.


We had a vision. We wanted to create an instrument unlike anything we have done before. In the process of creation, the six-sided element has guided us to a completely new form of Virtual Guitarist. Carbon is from another dimension.

See for yourself:

What is it?

Carbon’s sonic quality is hard to describe and was even harder to create. The custom-built 8-string guitar serves a wide range of ultra-modern sounds.

Played through a large custom setup of newly invented amp and cabinet models as well as stomp-box effects, Carbon churns out distorted guitar styles from powerful bass riffs to melodic melodies.

Yes, it can play traditional metal riffs, but where it really shines is creating new, modern guitar sounds that are “sound-designed” and “unreal” in a good way.

We made three videos in different styles to demonstrate the versatility you can expect from our brand new sound beast.


1 Game Composing

With it's organic distortion it is also a sharp weapon when it comes to composing soundtracks for film and commercials:


2 Film Composing

As sound designers and musicians, we have lately been hearing thoroughly modern digital-yet-organic sounds with captivating rhythmic qualities. At first, it was only in game soundtracks and film scores but more and more we hear it also in electronic, rock and even pop music.


3 Music Production

To create brutal distortion is easy – just stack amps or distortion pedals until your ears bleed. Chances are though that the sound will get broken, raspy and degraded.
To create a distortion that is hard like a razor blade and still has integrity – particularly in the high end – is a craft of its own and took a good chunk of the work we put into Carbon.




  • Drag-and-drop of riffs to DAW tracks allows for detailed note editing and song building.
  • More than 55 Styles and 560 Phrases
  • Custom creation of riffs – this is a first in a Virtual Guitarist and much requested by the Virtual Guitarist community
  • Futuristic Amp Models with unprecedented distortion and gain
  • Finisher Presets – automated FX chains for advanced sound design options
  • Layerer – for stacking up to four Carbon guitarists and distributing them vertically and horizontally across a sound stage.


If you’re looking for powerful, modern and futuristic sounds that retain their raw organic content, no matter what genre, there is a new answer: Carbon.