The project Steve is currently working on is super important and has to be submitted to his client by tomorrow morning. Everything is right on time, but the guitar tracks are still missing. Only a few hours left to somehow manage to get everything done. Steve immediately picks up the phone!

The guitarist he calls is – you guessed it – not available at 3 am in the morning.

SH**! How to add a pro sounding guitar riff to the song in no time?! Let’s see what kind of situation we’ve got here. It’s the middle of the night, Steve is far away from his studio, he can’t play the guitar and worse: he doesn’t even own a guitar.

Steve has three options:


  • turn off the phone and leave the country
  • run around in circles screaming
  • or search the internet and try solving the issue!


What Steve needs is a guitarist, who is always available, has a great sound and a big repertoire of riffs.

I think we all know where this is going. The time has come. No! Not the time to watch cat videos on YouTube!

It’s time for Steve to download his free trial of UJAM’s Virtual Guitarist. UJAM Instruments feature performances from professional musicians so you just need to set the tempo, input chord changes and select from thousands of styles phrases – all in real-time.

Can it replace a real guitarist? Definitely not.
Can the included presets help you to inspire ideas for your song? Yes.
Can it make music creation faster, better and easier than ever? Sure thing!

Our composer Steve solved his problem with a fantastic sounding guitar plug-in and made his deadline.

Let UJAM plug-ins help you compose!

UJAM Instruments plug-ins help you not only in situations with tight deadlines. They help you to lay down beautiful backline tracks without being able to play the instrument yourself. What’s more, they sound great and feed new melodic ideas into your compositions. It is just like having a virtual session musician at hand, at any time.