If you’ve been looking for the right excuse to get every UJAM plug-in we’ve ever created and stock your arsenal with drums, guitars, basses, beats, multi-effects, and more ... This is the time to do it! You can arrange and produce an entire track with only the tools found in the coveted Full Bundle in nearly any genre you can imagine; let’s take a peek at what’s included and give you a taste of the music you can bring to life the UJAM way: minimal work, maximum inspiration, and uninterrupted creative flow all within the DAW.


Drums and percussion

There’s no shortage of drum sample libraries available online with layers upon layers of mic positions and ‘inches apart’ hits recorded for slight variances and maximum control — but if you’re pressed for time or want to release a lot of music, the time spent playing with all these individual pieces adds up quickly. With UJAM’s Virtual Drummers, you get the benefit of the same level of professional recording, but with pre-made MIDI grooves that you can drag, drop, and tweak to your heart’s content without ever having to start from scratch.

And because no two genres produce drums the same way, we’ve created a wide variety so you can choose the right tool for the job every time, without messing with unnecessary settings along the way. Whether you need vintage 70s drums (LEGEND), a grunge and punk rock kit (BRUTE), all-around session drums (SOLID 2), funk & hip hop (PHAT 2), or anything else under the sun, there’s a Virtual Drummer ready to make an appearance on your next track.

What if you lean more toward the electronic end of the spectrum and want to give your beats a leg up, but you’re tired of looking for packs and one-off samples to get the job done? That’s the promise our Beatmakers deliver on; whether you’re looking for lofi hip hop (COZY), dubstep (BERSERK), trap (GLORY), or even K-pop (IDOL), Beatmakers can cover pretty much any ground you need. Instead of diving through multiple gigabytes of samples in a virtual drum machine or sequencer, you get pre-made beats across tons of different genres and styles, but — unlike audio loops — you can change the rhythm and sample set at will without any menu diving whatsoever. Plus, each comes with its own tailor-made effect suite that you can control with just a few knobs! Again, no menu diving or scrolling through endless options.



You don’t need to be a master sound designer to create your own powerful leads, chords, basses, and more; at least, not anymore. With Usynth, we’ve taken care of all the background processing, modulation curves, effect combos, wavetables, physical modeling, you name it. All you have to do is pull up a preset and tweak the pre-configured unique parameters — they’re individually optimized for every single preset so that no matter what changes you make, you’re guaranteed to get something that sounds great. We’ve extended this ethos to all Usynth add-ons, so whether you’re making synthwave (2080), pop, retro video game music (PIXEL), soul, ambient (CARAMEL), or anything in between ... You can pick the right synth for the job and build out an entire arrangement in as little as a few minutes!


Piano, guitar, and bass

If you’re not a pianist but you still want professional piano performances for your tracks (and you don’t have the budget or facilities to hire a pianist), UJAM’s Virtual Pianists can augment simple piano parts, expanding into broad chords and virtuoso-level arpeggios that blend seamlessly into your playing. If you want to keep things as simple as possible, you can even play as little as one note at a time and have your Virtual Pianist build full chords for you instantly.

Other plug-ins that make similar claims fall short in one key area: actual playability. Instead of digging through massive libraries of MIDI phrases, you can just start playing anything and your Virtual Pianist will blend between your composition and the phrases of your choosing. You can even control the ‘Busyness’ of the generated piano performance and automate it throughout the song, giving you maximum flexibility at any skill level.

Guitars and bassists have been a challenge to nail down for some time, for similar reasons; the strings behave in a fundamentally different way than a MIDI keyboard can replicate (and guitars add further to this complexity as chordal instruments). With our Virtual Guitarists and Bassists, the objective was simple: Make it feel like the real deal, without the clunky phrase editors and articulation menus present in countless guitar plug-ins. Our more recent additions to the Guitarist line even include an ‘Instrument Mode’ where you can play individual notes, simulating strumming; only in this case, the timing and style is completely up to you. And you have a part that sounds like it was played by an actual guitarist, not a keyboardist playing a guitar! Plus, there are both acoustic electric options in nearly every major style to pick from.



UJAM’s Finishers are the mother lode of processing: multi-effects designed to shape any audio in multiple dimensions with minimal onboard controls. Instead of loading up a massive chain of plugins, tweaking their individual knobs and faders, and sculpting the signal piecewise ... You can do it all in one plug-in. If your goal is to add motion — you’re not sure what kind, but only that things feel a bit lifeless — DYNAMO is the way to go. To create instant transitions out of existing tracks in your session instead of searching for ‘white noise riser’ in your sample folder yet again, give BOOST a try. Or if you’re feeling more experimental and you want something to sound as different as possible, no matter what you feed into the plug-in, FLUXX will always come in handy. Each only has a few controls, and each preset brings with it a unique collection of effects under the hood that simply work — perhaps even especially when you have no idea what’s going on under the hood!


Wrapping up

We’ve only covered a portion of the plug-ins in the Full Bundle (we didn’t even make it to our cinematic strings, brass, and drums straight from Hans Zimmer’s private collection...). No matter what your production needs are, you’ll find the tools to get the job done here, all designed with speed, ease, and flexibility first — regardless of whether you’re a composer, producer, songwriter, or have any type of musical aspirations in the modern audio industry. Happy producing!

The Full Bundle is on sale for $/€ 599 from November 10th to December 3, 2023 — $/€ 499 if you’re eligible for our loyalty offer. So if you’ve been dreaming of owning everything UJAM has available, now’s your chance to do it!



About the Author

Harry Lodes is a copywriter, marketing consultant and content writer for audio and ecommerce brands. He lives in the Philadelphia area, releasing Eastern/Western hybrid EDM under the artist name KAIRI hearkening back to his roots in Berklee College of Music.