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Iron 2
Rock Your Heart Out
Virtual Guitarist IRON 2 User Interface

Why should I upgrade?

IRON 2 marks yet another generation change in Virtual Guitarist. But what defines a “new generation”, compared to an upgrade or update?

In this case, a new generation means a completely new technical and musical foundation under the hood – a thing we call the engine – that enables our users to do things they have been asking for for a long time that we weren’t able to provide them with in the previous series.

Version 2 is based on an engine, a musical concept and an idea of a virtual guitar that is completely re-designed from the ground up.

What’s new?

Play the guitar in Instrument mode

MIDI drag and drop in Player mode

Stomp boxes & Finisher FX

New, resizable UI

What about the others?

Based on our new guitar engine, we will upgrade AMBER, SPARKLE and SILK as well. Expect them to drop in the first half of 2022!

Disco ball with electric guitar in front of white background

Better, harder, louder

Program realistic rock guitar tracks in now time. Curious? Listen to some examples...