Wolfram Knelangen, November 19th, 2018.

Our latest Inside Sound Minds episode takes us to West Hollywood where we meet film composer Sujin Nam. Her credits include well-known titles like The Interview, Spider-Man 2 and Mad Men.

Sujin was born in South Korea’s capital, Seoul. She began her musical career through classical training by her own piano teacher mother. She started playing piano at the young age of four when her musical talent was discovered by surprise… (Watch the full interview to hear the anecdote!). After living in New York City and studying music at The Mannes College of Music, she got a master's degree from the University of North Texas.


Sujin is currently working as a composer and conductor for film, TV, animation and concert music; she also lectures at universities.


Music needs to be experienced in concert

As she tells her story, it’s clear that she worked her way up through persistence and discipline. She knows from experience that making it as a young composer requires some ample pounding of the pavement and knocking on doors. Now an established artist, she’s made it her mission to give back some of that experience and mentor young musicians who are looking to follow in her footsteps.


Sujin’s message: Music needs to be experienced in concert, live and close up. That’s where the sheet music, the cryptic symbols on paper - some written centuries ago - come alive. That’s when the audience can connect with a particular feeling or a mood in the composition.


In this episode, Sujin Nam discusses her musical upbringing. We ask Sujin about her workflow when composing and conducting as well as how technology has shaped her mode of operation. Also, she gives advice to novices and young talented musicians who wonder how to conquer the art of film score composition.

About this series

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