Learn how to compose modern string phrases for Hip Hop, Pop and Dubstep in real-time in these video examples with composer and sound designer Boris Salchow using Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS.


Create dark drones

He transforms natural strings into dark and moody drones that perfectly go with this half-tempo Dubstep-ish track by Rusher. Pay special attention to the way he employs the Finisher control for sound design.

Enter the charts

In this video, Boris takes a classic 120bpm pop song called “Bedroom Pop” and adds a sustained intro as well as a nice “High Spiccato” riff that supports the guitar and drums. This example is just the beginning, with STRIIIINGS you can crank it up, but the most impressive thing is how fast you can sketch results with it.

Instant strings for your beats

He adds an intro as well as a strong chorus to this 90bpm Hip Hop beat. For the intro, Boris uses the “Sustain Full” style which adds some nice sustained strings. As the beat really picks up, he adds another instance of STRIIIINGS and chooses the timeless “Vivaldi” style. With the built-in Finisher he adds some fatness (Mode “Neo Phaturator”) and turns up the Ambience knob just a bit.


That’s it, in just over two minutes Boris composed some modern string phrases for Hip Hop.


Feature Walkthrough

Follow along to learn about some of the key features of our new string orchestra plug-in. In this feature walkthrough you’ll learn about the low and high string sections, built-in multi-effects and the playing styles.

We’re proud of this product and we can’t wait to see how you use it. Start your free STRIIIINGS trial today.


Don’t know what STRIIIINGS is about?

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