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Beatmaker DOPE

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Beatmaker for street-credible Hip-Hop tracks

Choose from Carefully Crafted Drum Kits and Loads of Matching Grooves

Introducing Beatmaker Dope - your fast-track ticket to the underground world of slick Hip hop beat production. There’s no longer any need to search through all that dusty vinyl at the local record store hoping to find the perfect sampled beat, Dope is already locked and loaded with the most authentic sounding and satisfying electronic hits, beats and grooves for Boom bap, Hip-hop and Rap styles.

Beatmaker Dope GUI

Dirt Keeps the Funk Alive

The simple controls and amazing genre appropriate sounds mean that both beginner and professional producers will be comfortable and at ease using Dope in a flash. Choose from over 30 different styles containing 690 different rhythmical phrases for instant song intros, fills, verses, choruses, breakdowns and endings.

Special Control:
Vinyl Drive

Vinyl Drive simulates retro turntable noise & compression to add that retro dirt and punch we all love so much.

Boom Bap, Hip Hop & Rap

Think of Beatmaker Dope as your friend who works at the local record store and has been digging through classic records for the past 20 years to create the most authentic drums you could ask for, but on top of that he's also great at mixing.

As Raw as It Gets!

Beatmaker Dope lets you choose from 5 separate drum kits - each professionally layered, compiled and mixed producing the instantly recognizable sonic identity associated with the genre. Get creative and explore your own signature sounds by combining the different kits with Dopes professional mix presets and macro performance controls such as filter sweeps and ambience.

Single Instrument
Boom Bap, Hip Hop & Rap
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The Hard Facts

Operating Systems Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.9 or later
You may run it on earlier versions but we don’t support them
Plugin Formats VST 2, AU 2, and AAX
AU 2 version only compatible with Logic 10 and newer.
On Reason? Get your Rack Extension here!
Minimum Requirements 4 GB of RAM, up to 100 MB of Disk Space
1280x768 px Display, Internet Connection
Delivery Format Downloadable Installer File
Authorization Enter e-mail and password within the plug-in
Supported Standards MIDI
User Guide Read it here
4.4/5 (26 Reviews)