Here’s the challenge: create your very own version of “This is the Night” (by Peter Gorges and Sanna Hartfield)! Hit the link below to download Sanna’s vocals for free and start a free trial of Beatmaker VICE, if you don’t own it already. These are the only limits, use the given vocals and VICE to make the song your own.


Here’s what you can win:


  • 1st place: ujam Full Bundle + Lifetime Pro Studio Membership by Free Vocals (includes 30 downloads per month, 30% discount on Royalty Free Downloads, 10% discount on Sample Clearance Licenses)
  • 2nd-5th place: ujam Instrument Bundle of your choice (excl. Full Bundle) + Lifetime Home Studio Membership by Free Vocals (includes 20 downloads per month & 20% discount on Royalty Free Downloads)


The last day to participate is May 27th, submit your track here. Five winners will be announced on May 29th.



Full-on 80s production featuring Beatmaker VICE on all drums, plus Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE and lots of legendary synth sounds from the late 80s. This is the original track that YOU are asked to make your own.

Download Your Free Trial To Take Part

In case you don’t own VICE yet, go ahead and download your free trial, no strings attached. The use of VICE drums are mandatory in this challenge. Check out our How To Make Synthwave Drum Patterns article to spark your inspiration.


Download Vocals From Free Vocals

Head over to Free Vocals to download Sanna’s vocals, as heard in “This is The Night”, for free. The use of her vocals are mandatory in this challenge. The vocals can be used for the song challenge, personal education, non-monetised, non-profit use but need a sample clearance licence from Free Vocals for commercial use.


Good luck!