BERSERK is an inspiring new Beatmaker plug-in from UJAM, ready to energize anything from dubstep to movie scores. Learn more.

Along with the big prize listed above, two winners will receive plug-in packages to extend their musical library. 

Sorry, this competition is over. Thanks for all participating, it was a great listen!

How to enter:

Download the ‘New Days’ stems at the end of this site. Use any UJAM plug-in. Submit your remix before the competition ends. We offer full free trials for every plug-in, so don’t hesitate to use anything you’ve been craving for. 


What’s the official prize list?

  • 1st place: Consideration to get a remix placement on Rusher’s „Postcards from the Future Remixes” album + receive a UJAM Full Bundle
  • 2nd place: UJAM Bundle of your choice
  • 3rd place: UJAM Plug-in of your choice

The last day to participate is September 30th, submit your track here. By entering the Remix Competition feat. Rusher, you agree to the Official Contest Terms which can be found here.

Make sure to mention which plug-in was used when submitting! 3 winners will be announced on October 5th.

The Judges

Listen to the original track above and make it your own. Rusher asked two of his closest friends to judge your remixes: Jade, the man behind the legendary label Eatbrain. And V3rb, anyone who knows Rushers music knows what an amazing MC he is. Producers will be judged on audio production (50%); and originality and creativity of your remix (50%).

Don’t forget to download the stems

In case you don’t own any UJAM plug-in yet, go ahead and use the plug-ins during the trial period for free,no strings attached. The use of at least one UJAM plug-in is mandatory in this challenge.

Check out our “How to Produce the Top 3 Subgenres of Dubstep” tutorial to spark your inspiration.

Download stems from Rusher’s track here. By downloading the stems, you agree to only use the stems for the purpose of creating and submitting your remix, subject to the licenses granted under the Official Contest Terms. 

Good luck!