This is the story of Sabrina Seidman, also known as SEIDS, a singer-songwriter and producer who merges her soulful voice with a cutting-edge production style to carve out a niche that's entirely her own. From her formative years at Berklee to her transformative journey through the highs and lows of the music industry, SEIDS has cultivated a sound and a story that stands out. Her ascent from performing on cruise ships to forging a global community of over 200K followers illustrates a passion for sharing her knowledge with others.


From bedroom vocals to berklee and beyond

From an early age, music was an inseparable part of Sabrina's life. She was singing for as long as she can remember and her passion for songwriting blossomed in middle school when she started putting lyrics and melodies together on the piano. 

Fueled by dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter, SEIDS pursued vocal performance at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Her formal training sharpened her natural talents and opened doors to explore different musical avenues after graduating.


"After college I wasn't sure how I was going to make money performing.”


One important opportunity was landing gigs as a cruise ship performer, which allowed SEIDS to share her singing talents with audiences around the world. While incredibly rewarding, the cruise ship lifestyle wasn't her long-term calling. She yearned for a more permanent home base to establish herself as an independent artist.


How setbacks fueled the entrepreneurial fire

Returning to her roots in New York City, SEIDS faced the harsh realities of trying to make it as an unsigned musician. Playing to empty rooms and struggling financially tested her resilience. 

As she puts it, "I was broke, frustrated about singing to empty audiences and felt absolutely defeated." The struggle of being an unknown artist taking any gig to get by took its toll.

However, SEIDS' entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, and she got creative to find more sustainable musical work. She started auditioning for high-paying wedding and event bands, eventually landing a steady gig with one popular group. It provided welcome financial stability, but she knew it wasn't her final destination either.


"Even though this was a great gig it was only on Saturdays and not even every Saturday so I always had to have another 'job'. I also knew that I wanted to be the boss and wanted something of my own."


Entrepreneurship ran in her family, so SEIDS decided to lean into that mindset. She assembled a girl group with the goal of performing as guest entertainers on cruise ships. For nearly two years, they invested tremendous time and money into creating full shows, costumes, and arrangements. When they finally booked their first contract in May 2020, their dreams came crashing down with the pandemic's arrival.

When life derails your dreams, pivot

The cruise ship shutdown in early 2020 due to the pandemic was a brutal setback for SEIDS after years of effort building her girl group's shows. As she describes it, "April 1, 2020 I had turned 30 and was unemployed and felt like a complete loser." With her performance dreams indefinitely derailed, she was at her lowest point.

But after a few months of feeling defeated, a pivotal Facebook ad crossed SEIDS' path - an online course promising to teach music production skills in just 30 days. Skeptical after her formal training at Berklee didn't cover production, she almost scrolled past, but the discounted price and her need for a new creative outlet convinced her to take a chance.

Diving into that course and getting her hands on Logic Pro unlocked a new world for the singer-songwriter. SEIDS became utterly obsessed with music production, finally gaining the self-sufficiency she always craved. She didn't need to rely on others to bring her songs to life anymore.To share her progress and excitement, SEIDS started posting videos on TikTok documenting her journey. Little did she know, this exploratory social media presence was planting the seeds for something much bigger than herself.

SEIDS' authentic, relatable personality and valuable tutoring resonated with more and more viewers every day. Three years later, her community has exploded to over 200K followers across multiple platforms. Her loyal audience of aspiring producers and musicians have bought thousands of seats for her online classes and virtual summits.


"To make music production and entrepreneurship more accessible to more people. So no one has to struggle as much as I did to find my place as a full time music creator."


What started as a passion project borne from pandemic woes transformed SEIDS into an inspirational industry voice and entrepreneurial force. She's worked with major brands like iZotope, Slate Digital, and Focusrite while realizing her true mission:


Defining her sound

When asked about what defines her musical sound, SEIDS admits she's still figuring that out organically. "I am not really sure. I love what I get to do because I can make whatever music I am feeling like at that time," she explains.

Her versatility and willingness to explore different vibes is a strength. SEIDS doesn't constrain herself to one particular genre or style. Instead, she follows her creative impulses wherever they lead in that moment, resulting in an ever-evolving sound.


What the future holds

Fans of SEIDS' can look forward to fresh music soon from the multi-talented artist. She recently teased an upcoming collaborative single called "CASH" with her friend Luke Targett that she's especially excited about.

But SEIDS' creative efforts extend far beyond just her own artistry these days. She's also passionate about education and empowering others on their musical journeys.

Her latest offering is a "Logic Pro Crash Course" that packs over 350 tips and tricks into a highly condensed, easily digestible format. "I know tutorials can often be long and boring so the crash course is not a lengthy tutorial covering every aspect of music production or the entire spectrum of Logic functionalities," SEIDS explains.


"Instead it is a curated collection of golden nuggets. All the tips are carefully hand-picked to give you the most valuable insights without any unnecessary filler. You can learn a lot in a very short amount of time."


For readers interested in leveling up their Logic Pro skills, SEIDS is generously offering a 20% discount on the course using the code UJAM.

Whether she's making music of her own or teaching others, it's clear SEIDS' passion lies in sharing knowledge, inspiring others, and building a strong community around her creative pursuits.


Wrapping up

SEIDS' tenacious journey from struggling artist to multifaceted creator should inspire anyone striving to turn their artistic passions into a sustainable career. Her versatility, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to mentoring others embody the mindset required to truly flourish in today's music landscape. 

For those inspired by her renaissance story, tapping into her "Logic Pro Crash Course" provides a fertile platform to uplevel your production prowess.

At the end of the day, the most compelling artistry stems from an authentic place within. SEIDS' ever-evolving story is a resonant reminder that with passion, perseverance and a willingness to embrace change, any creative dream can be achieved and transformed into something greater than you ever imagined.


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