Authorization Instructions

Download Installer

If you didn’t install the trial version yet, please first download installer.



Version 2.1.1

Installing a Virtual Drummer 2 or Beatmaker 2 – even a trial version – will replace any existing old plugin on your system.
After installing you can not go back.
If you’re uncertain, please create a backup of your system to save your sessions before installing.
If you’re experiencing troubles, please have a look at our Knowledge Base.

Got your Virtual Instruments Installed?

Make sure you‘re connected

To obtain your license, Virtual Instruments need to communicate with our authorisation servers. This requires an internet connection.

Launch your Instrument in your DAW

Open your favourite Digital Audio Workstation and load a Virtual Instrument you want to license.

Enter your credentials

Enter the e-mail address and password you selected during your license purchase. Hit the “Authorize“ button. Congrats! Your Virtual Instrument is now fully authorised.