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Virtual Drummer PHAT

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PHAT is your Virtual Drummer for Hip-Hop and Funk Beats

Virtual Drummer PHAT is a slick and funky Hip-hop operator, producing grooves, fills and breaks straight from the street! Ready at any time to quickly lay down entire beats and rhythms that will make your body move and keep the MC nodding their head. Perfect for grooving, funky and urban styles, PHAT is the perfect studio companion for music producers of all skill levels.

The very gentle learning curve, a trademark of all UJAM Instruments plug-ins, means beginners and professionals can quickly lay down amazing sounding beats with no previous drumming experience. When you’re happy that the vibe is almost perfect you can fine tune the overall mix. Tweak the performance with individual volume controls for all the different elements of the kit such as kick drum and snare before adding micro timings with simple controls for swing, feel and even how ‘human’ the final performance will sound.


What’s New in Version 2?

Drag-and-drop phrases to DAW

Multiple Audio Outputs

Enhanced Mixer Section

30 new styles and 150 presets

Free Trial

Use the full version
of VD PHAT for 30 days and
see if it fits your workflow.

Virtual Drummer Phat GUI

Make ‘em Say Uhh!

Virtual Drummer PHAT is your go-to ace for grooving funky and urban drumming. For all genres from Retro Soul to G-Funk, PHAT adds a smooth rhythm fundament to your production with its wide range of drumming styles and sounds.

Funk-A-Licious & Groovy

Virtual Drummer PHAT is versatile, coming with 200 presets, 60 musical styles containing a total of 1380 different rhythmical patterns that you can effortlessly weave and stitch together. Experiment and change your sound from smooth and soulful to huge and pumping by combining any of the 5 different drum kits with 6 easily accessible and tonally powerful character presets. Virtual Drummer PHAT really does give you groove that’s easy to craft and futile to resist.

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The Hard Facts

Operating Systems Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.9 or later
You may run it on earlier versions but we don’t support them
Plugin Formats VST 2, AU 2, and AAX
AU 2 version only compatible with Logic 10 and newer.
On Reason? Virtual Drummer Phat is VD-PHAT2’s “Brother in Rack Extension”.
Minimum Requirements 4 GB of RAM, 0.5 GB of Disk Space
1280x768 px Display, Internet Connection
Delivery Format Downloadable Installer File
Authorization Enter e-mail and password within the plug-in
Supported Standards MIDI
User Guide Read it here
4.3/5 (35 Reviews)