Trap? Pop? Both!

In this walkthrough, Derek von Krogh shows you why you should use GLORY in your next production, how to make use of all the features inside our ninth Beatmaker and why you should care about 808 tuning.


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Cyberpunk Beats

Watch how Derek von Krogh walks you through the Beatmaker equivalent of an intergalactic battleship: This video gets you started with your sci-fi, D&B or Break tracks as quickly as possible.


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Sweet & Edgy Drums

Watch how Derek von Krogh walks you through the sweetest plug-in of the ujam Instruments​ range. This video gets you started with your track as quickly as possible, you get lots of pop music groove patterns that you can drag straight into your DAW and change in any way you like.


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Create Huge Festival Anthems!

Lay down Progressive House drum tracks and create high-impact builds with the Riser.With HYPE, you can create driving beats that put conventional sample packs to shame, all by touching a single key.


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’80s drums for the 21st century

Daniel travels back in time to the 80s and takes you on a tour through our synthwave specialist Beatmaker VICE, which is inspired by some of the most legendary classic drum machines from companies like Linn, Roland, Simmons or Korg. Turn your drum programming into a retro-futuristic adventure of epic proportions.


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Instantly Create Full Drum & Bass Rhythms

Daniel takes you on a tour through our Drum & Bass specialist Beatmaker VOID. It’s the quickest way to get up and running with Drum & Bass fills and breakdowns. The perfect rhythms are only a single note away. Each note you enter gives you a different loop, allowing you to quickly construct complex drum patterns, even if you’ve never written DnB before.


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The freshest Hip Hop Styles

In this video, Daniel takes you on a little tour through DOPE 2. This plug-in is a specialist for 1990s Hip Hop styles.


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Pumping EDM tracks

In this video, Daniel gives you everything you need to know about EDEN 2. With EDEN 2 you can create dance music and maybe the next Big Room banger or chart hit.


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Urban Trap and Grime

HUSTLE 2 is your fixer for bass music styles like Trap and Grime. HUSTLE 2 covers all types of modern urban genres.


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What’s New?

Daniel Ruczko walks you through Beatmaker 2 and shows you every little detail of the updated plug-ins. Beside new killer-looks here’s everything you need to know!


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