Read this article and let a selection of suggestions prepare you in the best possible way for the biggest Sale of the year:

  1. UJAM
  2. LANDR
  3. Loopmasters
  4. Softube
  5. Wrapping up


We’re going all out with our Black Friday sale this year, focusing on helping you achieve a warm, vintage sound in your music that’s perfect for R&B, hip hop, lofi, you name it. First up on the list is Finisher RETRO, the perfect multi-effect for degrading your audio and dirtying up everything you put it on. However extreme you want to go, RETRO will take you there in an instant — and during our Black Friday sale, you get a full 70% off!

At an even steeper discount (and keeping with the vintage theme) is Usynth DELUXE, a synth designed to bring you the smoothest soul keys possible. You’ll also find presets for basses, pads and more inside, providing you with a full arsenal to fill out any song from neo soul to Top 50 pop music. This is as close to an all-in-one soul factory as you can get from a synth, and it’s available at 75% off.

If you want our Full Bundle with every plugin we’ve ever created, we’re offering a one-of-a-kind sale on our entire collection, from $1849 all the way down to just $699. No need to pick and choose which plugins you want most, and you’ll have basses, synths, drums, beats, keys and more for any occasion!

Our Black Friday deals

We know these are the deals everyone is waiting for all year, so we’ve put together a dazzling selection of plug-in deals for Black Friday!


Many producers know LANDR as an online done-for-you AI mastering service, but in recent years the company has expanded to cover a wide range of offerings including samples, music distribution and even online collaboration tools to truly give producers the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. They have almost too many different tools to count, but the simplest way to take advantage of their diverse product line is with a LANDR Studio subscription, which gives you access to all of their best options for a tiny fraction of what it would all cost separately.

LANDR is also partnered with many excellent plugin companies, including Ableton, Baby Audio and more. By joining LANDR Studio, you also get Usynth CORE included in your subscription! This is our heavyweight utility synth, focused on giving you a bit of everything you need to create professional modern synth basses, chords, leads and more. Of course, if you get our Full Bundle mentioned above, you’ll already own CORE outright ... just saying.

While they haven’t officially announced their Black Friday deal just yet, they typically run an incredible sale, so best to keep checking back. Besides, LANDR Studio is one of the most reasonable audio software subscriptions you’ll find, so you’re still getting a great deal as-is!


Loopmasters is one of the most reliable sources for sample packs across nearly every genre imaginable, and they have one of the easiest sites to window shop for hours. For drums, we always recommend our Beatmakers, as they offer the best combination of flexibility and sound quality, but Loopmasters offers many other types of samples that are endlessly useful in creating songs. They offer loops and ambiences from around the world, including rare world instrument phrases, cartoony orchestral phrases, emotional vocal loops & one shots and more. Plus, they have a massive library of synth presets and have specially formatted audio files to integrate into several major DAWs like Ableton Live and Logic Pro.

It’s easy to pick sample packs one by one and gradually fill your hard drive with tons of high-quality samples, but if you look through their bundles you’ll find that they offer excellent deals on larger collections of packs. Plus, right now they’re offering up to 80% off a ton of their sound packs and bundles, making it even easier to add to your sample collection in bulk. This is an excellent way to add backgrounds and fill out your songs with textural layers, simply by choosing the appropriate audio and dragging it into your DAW session. Take advantage of some of these deals while you can add tons of assorted backgrounds to your collection for a hefty discount!


If you want to add some dirty authentic analog character to your songs, Softube has a great range of plugins to help you do it. From vintage compressors to classic monophonic hardware synths, they do an excellent job of modeling classic tools and making them easy to integrate into any workflow. While you can rely on native stock plugins to do a lot of the heavy lifting in the mix, using tools like Softube’s lends you a warm and vibrant character that pulls your arrangements out of the computer and gives them a bit more life. 

There’s no shortage of companies that create analog modeled plugins, and there are countless versions of the same gear like API EQs, SSL compressors, the list goes on ... but Softube deliberately avoids most of the more mainstream options, instead opting to capture rare gear used by far fewer producers. That alone gives these plugins a unique edge, but the attention to detail in designing their sonic profile takes them the extra mile!

Softube is rotating through sales of different plugins all throughout November, so be sure to keep checking their shop — something might surprise you and suddenly have a massive discount applied! With the sale going up to 70% off, you won’t want to miss out on their Black November sale.

Wrapping up

Music producers are about to be inundated with Black Friday offers, and it’s always tempting to jump on all the best sales that pop up ... but now more than ever, it’s important to identify what you enjoy creating and producing and what resources you need to make it even more professional. If that means lofi or R&B, our deals on Finisher RETRO and Usynth DELUXE would make sense — but if you need a bit of everything and want to put any genre and style at your fingertips, the Full Bundle has exactly what you need.

So go with what inspires you within your budget, put your new tools to good use and make some great music — sometimes, the right plugin at the right time can open up possibilities we’d never even imagined!


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Harry Lodes is a copywriter, marketing consultant and content writer for audio and ecommerce brands. He lives in the Philadelphia area, releasing Eastern/Western hybrid EDM under the artist name KAIRI hearkening back to his roots in Berklee College of Music.