Let Daniel walk you through UJAM Instruments’ first effect plug-in Finisher NEO. It delivers endless sonic variety and takes you where no audio effect has gone before. NEO was designed to combine the whole range of audio processors and effects while guaranteeing fail proof operations, as you are used to with UJAM products.

Daniel takes a brief look at each section of the user interface, giving you a head start for your next production. Here‘s what you’ll learn today:


0:25 Categories and Modes
0:50 How to browse and choose a Mode
1:10 Effect knob
1:25 Shape the detail of a Mode with Variation 1 and 2
1:50 Examples of Modes in demo track “One of a Kind”
2:10 “Clouds” Mode on Vocals
2:37 “Cheap Chip” Mode on Drums
3:10 Automate and switch Modes without audio glitches
3:26 “FrequencyShift” Mode on Synth


Neo 1.1.0 is now available at ujam.com.