Setting up Your Sound

I first start off by choosing an audio-sample on which we are going to build up our beat. In this case I took it from a free sample pack by Vision which I found on Additionally, I add some bass notes to give the track a harmonic direction.

The Intro

The tempo I’m aiming for is a 130.00bpm. Now, I am setting up a 1st instance of UJAM’s Beatmaker HU$TLE to prepare the intro. The Preset I used: COCAIN CUBEZ, Style: $WAG, Kit: TIGHT, Pre-mix: GUTTER
The first intro-pattern is played on C#3 where I solo just the 1st hi-hat. To lead over into the main part/1st verse, I open another instance of Beatmaker HU$TLE to chose the drum-fill on D#3. Preset: COCAIN CUBEZ, Style: $WAG, Kit: RUFF, Pre-mix: Gutter.

The Main Part

For the main part I chose the preset KYDZZ IN DA FRONT, the same named style, the kit: RUFF and the pre-mix: GUTTER. The ambience button is pulled up to 3 o’clock to give the drums some room. I am muting here the 808 bass kick to have just the raw beat playing the 1st chorus pattern on A3. Now I duplicate the drum track, solo the 808-kick, tune it on E and increase the decay to 3 o’clock. In the workstation, I draw the automation of the bass notes that I want HU$TLE to play (E, C & G).

The Chorus & Bridge

The drum pattern of the following chorus is played on B3. The chorus part finishes with a hi-hat roll on D#3 that I use as a concluding break.
The Bridge/Second Verse I switch the drum kit of my respective instance of HUSTLE to ‘BLEAK’. Here I use the same drum pattern that we used in the first verse, but I mute the 1st kick the 1st snare as well as the 808-kick drum in Beatmaker HUSTLE. I add a drum fill on A#3 (preset: KYDZZ IN DA FRONT, style: Kyddz in da Front, kit: BLEAK and the pre-mix: GUTTER).

The main beat of this bridge part is played by the same drum pattern that I used in the 1st verse. The significant difference is the support of the rhythm through shorter 808 bass-stabs. To generate this shorter sounding 808, I simply turn down the decay of it to 12 o’clock and match it manually to the rhythm of the melody.

The Final Part

In the final part, I am using the same parameters as I used for the chorus (VD plays the respective drum pattern on B3). However, I am integrating parts of the melody from the bridge/2nd verse. To conclude the production, I now add my vocals to the beat. Check the sample pack London Grime Bars.


Check out the Track

About the Author or Article

Martin Seyer is a composer, sound designer and music educator who works for the music and media industry in close collaboration with artists, directors and theatre productions.




We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to spice up your production with Beatmaker HUSTLE!