Let Daniel take you on a tour through our angry and gritty bass specialist Beatmaker HUSTLE 2. On the money and ready to make a statement for all types of modern urban styles that need a dirty basement-shaking beat.


He takes a brief look at each section of the user interface, giving you a head start for your next production. We prepared this table of contents so you can jump to the section that is of interest to you:


0:22​ Presets
0:43​ Latch
1:03​ Drum Kits
1:17​ Signature Control: Bass Tune
1:33​ Kick/Snare Fader
1:47​ Mix Section
1:59​ Amount Slider
2:14​ Styles
2:37​ Micro Timing
3:09​ MIDI Drag and Drop
3:23​ Instrument Section and Multiple Audio Outputs
4:03​ Master section
4:13​ Free Trial

About the Author or Article

Daniel Ruczko is an award-winning director, composer and writer – and a sounddesigner for UJAM.