SILK 2: Out Now!

Welcome to the next chapter in the story of SILK, one of UJAM's most successful virtual guitarists. SILK 2 stands as a monumental leap forward from its esteemed predecessor, redefining the experience of nylon-string guitar emulation with unparalleled realism and versatility.

In this overview, we'll showcase the remarkable advancements SILK 2 brings to the virtual guitarist realm. Boasting a brand new guitar model, SILK 2 captures the nuanced essence of nylon strings, offering a richer, more authentic sound. Its extensive library, enriched with a diverse array of phrases, chords, octaves, and riffs, makes it an indispensable tool for creating everything from elegant pop ballads to adding a soulful touch to any genre.


New Instrument Mode

Discover the essence of guitar creativity with SILK 2's Instrument Mode – a feature avidly requested by users. Here, the keyboard transforms into a dynamic guitar, offering you the freedom to compose and play. With your left hand, navigate the Key Switch range, setting the tone and feel of your guitar. Your right hand becomes the master of the fretboard, bringing melodies and rhythms to life. This mode invites you to delve deeper into your musical expression, creating performances that resonate with authenticity and personal flair.


Picking and strumming styles

This new strumming feature, an exciting addition not found in SILK's first version, injects your compositions with dynamic energy, previously unattainable in virtual guitar emulation. This feature beautifully blurs the line between virtual and reality, offering a spectrum of musical expressions. With SILK 2 Each picking style is a whisper of creativity, allowing delicate notes to dance through your compositions. The strumming styles, on the other hand, bring a robust energy, infusing your music with dynamic beats and soulful rhythms. Whether you're crafting a serene acoustic piece or an upbeat melody, these styles offer the perfect blend of versatility and realism.

This enhancement in SILK 2 isn't just about technical advancement; it's about connecting you more deeply with the spirit of guitar playing. Take a listen into various demos made with the new picking and strumming styles of Virtual Guitarist SILK 2:

New Open Chords feature

SILK 2's Open Chords feature revolutionizes chord playing by adding extra notes for a more interesting, spherical sound. When activated, this feature automatically enhances standard chords with rich overtones, like 7, 9, 11, or 13, creating a wide, immersive sonic experience. Perfectly suited for guitar picking, especially with styles such as 'Youngsters,' it elevates the musical texture, though it's not applicable to Power Chords. Open Chords in SILK 2 brings a new level of depth and tension to your compositions, effortlessly transforming simple strums into captivating harmonic landscapes.

40 Stomp box emulations, 75 Finisher FX Modes

SILK 2's Finisher and Stomp Box features usher in a new era of creative guitar sound design. The Finisher, first introduced with Virtual Guitarist Carbon, is a diverse effects array with over 60 modes tailored for SILK 2. It transforms your guitar sound from subtle nuances to radical alterations, offering everything from EQs, compressors, and distortions to experimental sonic textures. It's designed for live play, allowing you to morph sounds seamlessly with its intuitive control knob.

Meanwhile, the Stomp Box, a brand new addition, expands your sonic palette with 30 unique effect combinations. This feature sits at the heart of SILK 2's interface, providing easy access to a world of classic guitar tones. It includes an on/off button, an Amount knob, and a Mode Selector for easy navigation. The Stomp Box effects range from compression and modulation to EQ and ambience, often blending multiple effects within a single mode. Both the Finisher and Stomp Box invite you to dive into a world of creative exploration, enhancing your guitar tracks with unprecedented versatility and expressiveness.

Wrapping Up

As we conclude our exploration of SILK 2, it's clear this isn't just an upgrade, but a leap in virtual guitar craft. From the expressive Instrument Mode to the immersive Open Chords and the expansive FX suite, SILK 2 sets a new standard in virtual guitar realism and creativity. 

Plus, with a 7-day free trial, there's no reason not to give it a strum.

Dive into SILK 2, grab your virtual pick, and let your musical imagination run wild. Just remember, virtual guitar hero status is just a strum away – and no stage dive required!