Let Daniel take you on a tour through our dance music and EDM specialist Beatmaker EDEN 2. It is your tool for building the right foundation for the next big summer anthem or four to the floor main-room monster.


He takes a brief look at each section of the user interface, giving you a head start for your next production. We prepared this table of contents so you can jump to the section that is of interest to you:


0:22​ Presets
0:44​ Latch
0:59​ Drum Kits
1:18​ Signature Control: Kick Pump
1:29​ Kick/Snare Fader
1:42​ Mix Section
1:54​ Amount Slider
2:11​ Styles
2:35​ Micro Timing
3:10​ MIDI Drag and Drop
3:24​ Instrument Section and Multiple Audio Outputs
4:06​ Master Section
4:16​ Free Trial

About the Author or Article

Daniel Ruczko is an award-winning director, composer and writer – and a sounddesigner for UJAM.