Daniel Ruczko is a filmmaker and the sounddesigner of UJAM’s newest genre-specific plug-in release: Beatmaker DOPE. He called us because he felt the job wasn’t done yet. Who would be perfect showing the world what’s in the product? The guy that spent weeks in his studio building beats for this absolute banger.
We’re proud to share the first official UJAM tutorial of Beatmaker DOPE 1! Your fast-track ticket to the underground world of slick Hip Hop beat production.

Free Downloadable Vocals from Kayohes

There’s more in this tutorial for you guys! Kayohes from Albuquerque, New Mexico was generous enough to share his vocals. Go ahead and build something new and creative.


Download Verse and Backup by Kayohes.

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Daniel Ruczko is an award-winning director, composer and writer – and a sounddesigner for UJAM.