Whether you’re being tasked to compose for a nature documentary or to score for video game trailer, look no further than the first plug-in of ujam’s newest series Symphonic Elements: STRIIIINGS! This article shows you some great examples that might inspire your next project.

  1. What is sound design?
  2. Scoring for a nature documentary
  3. Scoring for a video game trailer
  4. It’s all about STRIIIINGS!

What is sound design?

If you need a refresher on sound design in film and game music, head over to this article. It breaks down how to record your own sounds, process these recordings and further explains how to create suspenseful synth patterns. On top of that, you’ll learn how to design ambient pads and last but not least how to build a huge cinematic orchestra.

Scoring for a nature documentary

Earlier this year, we got to know artist and entrepreneur Laura Escudé, she’s based in LA and has a “deep understanding of complex technology, a profound passion for music and art and a unique talent for fusing the two.” When discussing projects, we immediately decided to involve her in our biggest launch of the year: Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS.

The first result of this partnership with Laura is an example track for a nature documentary!

"I really think that this plug-in is for everyone, no matter where you are in your journey of composing or producing!"

-Laura Escudé, artist, innovator, entrepreneur and live show designer


In this video you hear STRIIIINGS featured in a fictive nature documentary. Laura used it on all tracks and added HEAVY 2 drums to support the strings orchestra. She played around with arpeggios, sustains and of course the syncopated styles. With a lot of automation she starts out very ambient and adds the built-in Finisher effects to create “instand sound design”. Hear for yourself and let us know in the comments of the video if you’re interested in seeing a full breakdown of the song.

About Laura

Based in Los Angeles, Laura Escudé is an artist, innovator, entrepreneur and live show designer with a deep understanding of complex technology, a profound passion for music and art and a unique talent for fusing the two.

Scoring for a video game trailer

We couldn’t stop at nature documentaries and surely wanted to show you use cases of STRIIIINGS in other projects. That’s why we tasked composer Boris Salchow and sound designer Dan Oliver Finke to come up with an epic track for a fictive video game trailer:

"We build a plug-in that lets you add Hans Zimmer's million dollar sound to your own project. But on top of that we created cutting edge atmospheres, massive braaams, dreamlike pads and gritty phrases from the same DNA. In every key, chord or tempo you need!"

-Boris Salchow, STRIIIINGS Musical Director, Film & Game Composer


In this video you hear aggressive and highly sound designed string phrases that instantly create a dark and very suspenseful atmosphere. Both of them not only collaborated on this track, but also on the development of STRIIIINGS. While Boris took care of the sound as the musical director, Dan has been in the lead as the product owner.


About Boris

Boris Salchow has created award-winning compositions for some of the most prestigious brands in the world (ADIDAS, AUDI, BMW, LAMBORGHINI, MERCEDES), documentaries (Germany from Above), video games (RATCHET & CLANK, SUNSET OVERDRIVE, DEAD RISING 4, FUSE, RESISTANCE 2 and 3), feature and TV films and drama television series.

It’s all about STRIIIINGS!

In this video you’ll learn how to arrange an orchestra in “God Mode”, score for a sci-fi movie, morph strings into a pad and do so much more with Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS.

Watch how Derek von Krogh walks you through our most anticipated plug-in of the year and convince yourself that these are exactly the modern string ensemble textures that you need in your music.