First things first… a free gift!

For any purchase above $50 at UJAM, you also get 2 months free access to LANDR’s platform worth over $40! This gives you access to state of the art AI-powered mastering, distribution to online music stores including Spotify and Apple Music, over 1 million royalty-free samples and much more. You’ll have everything you need to release all the music you want!

Included in the LANDR Studio subscription:

  • 20 Samples credits each month
  • Curated plugins, instruments and VSTs
  • Unlimited DAW audio streaming
  • 3 WAV masters each month
  • Early access to new LANDR features
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited Distribution with 100% royalty retention

1. Usynth

For years, users asked us when we would finally release a synth ... but we didn’t want to rush it just to have something available. We wanted to create a truly complete synth that doesn’t require any deep technical knowledge or inspiration to operate — where by simply opening it up, calling up a preset and tweaking it to your liking, it would be possible to get perfect-fit, pro-quality sounds in seconds. All this without using 1) the same sounds as everyone else or 2) needing a degree in sound design to understand how it all works.

Finally in 2022, we released Usynth with the idea that it would be extendable, with new installments and soundbanks coming out to truly make it one of the most powerful and versatile synths available — all while it’s impossible to create a bad sound. No matter what type of electronic you want to make (synthwave, pop, electro, dubstep, etc.), Usynth gives you the tools to do so. During the sale, you can get each Usynth addition for just $39.50 (50% off), and Euphoria is a full 75% off at $19! The Bundle of five is 30% off the regular price at $175.

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2. Virtual Pianist VOGUE

VOGUE is one of our proudest achievements yet, as much as we love Usynth! There’s never been a more playable piano for non-pianists; no library of MIDI files to sort through, no manual chord selections, no multi-layered context menus to dive through. Simply pull it up, play something, and VOGUE will intelligently expand it into a full piano part. Even highly capable pianists will find plenty to enjoy in Instrument mode with the algorithm disabled by using the Busyness control — a MIDI delay and re-pitch feature that instantly makes the piano part grander and richer, synced perfectly with your tempo.

It’s a perfect fit for all things pop piano, but VOGUE also holds its own in EDM, rock and virtually any other genre where you need to “borrow” some piano skills. This is unlike any other virtual piano created to date — try it out and see for yourself! Until July 17th, you can get it for just $99, that’s 33% off!


discover - whiteSave 33% on VOGUE

3. Virtual Bassist SLAP

If you want a tight slap bass that actually sounds like the real thing (not a comically intense sample library that only consists of hard twangs), you’ll love SLAP. This virtual bassist holds its own across a wide range of genres, and lends you a level of playability that’s as close as you’ll get to the real thing! You can also change it to Fingered mode, keeping the same driving character but without the slap effect, for whenever you need to switch it up. You’re really getting two bassists in one!

Need to add a snapping bassline to a drum and bass track? Want to punch up a funk groove with a tight bass solo? Ready to dive head first into the world of nu disco? There are countless places you can go with SLAP, and you don’t need a PhD in bass writing to get the sound you need. All the heavy lifting is done for you, and you can bring it home with the onboard Finisher effects like overdrive, compression and ambience. Jump in during our Summer Sale and you can get SLAP for 30% off at just $89!

discover - whiteSave 31% on SLAP

4. Beatmaker RICO

UJAM’s new Beatmaker RICO allows you to easily create rhythms perfect for latin pop music. You can instantly create big, heavy-hitting pop music in a variety of genres, but it’s especially fitting for reggaetón and dembow grooves. Depending on your style, this might feel a bit niche — but if you aspire to create pop music, to some degree this style will need to become a tool in your arsenal. Pieces of it can now be found in everything from K-Pop to American synth pop, and its influence is only expanding.

The Me Gusta control makes a huge difference in the range of sounds you can achieve, as it moves from mono and heavily saturated to wide and shimmery, allowing you to get a completely different kit for your verse vs. chorus without even changing samples. For anything involving electronic pop music of nearly any subgenre, you’ll find a goldmine of opportunities with RICO — grab it while it’s just $49 with 28% discount! And there’s an even better deal for Beatmaker owners: get the Loyalty Deal for 57% at just $29 until July 17th.

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5. Groovemate ONE

The ever-useful auxiliary percussion tool ONE is a very inexpensive but extremely capable tool for quickly filling out rhythms in your drum beats. If you’ve got a kick and snare pattern you like and want to add some glue between the notes via claps, shakers and tambourine, this will get the job done quickly and with zero fuss.

It won’t give you a ton of variety, but that’s the beauty of it — no matter the genre, ONE can provide the percussion backing you’re missing in a heartbeat with as little as a single note. Normally ONE goes for only $19, but until July 17th you can get it for only $5.07 that’s 73% off.

discover - whiteShake it off with ONE

6. Series and Genre Bundles

If you’re set for a project already and know the direction, UJAM’s Bundle deals might be the right fit for you. You won’t find a better deal than the Full Bundle at $699, that’s a whopping 82% off the collective value and gives you the most versatile virtual band. Or get the key to Hollywood with the Cinematic Bundle: that’s four top selling plug-ins for 68% off at $149 including STRIIIINGS, CARBON, NEO and NEMESIS. Last but not least, you shouldn’t sleep on jazzy hip hop essentials: get the Chillhop Bundle including SILK, MELLOW and DOPE for $109 at 66$ off.

discover - whiteShop all Bundles

Wrapping up

If you’re looking to massively expand your production arsenal, this is the perfect time to jump in with both feet! Whether you want to grow your virtual ensemble, effortlessly create synth music or make larger-than-life pop tunes with a piano that does all the heavy lifting for you, UJAM’s summer sale has everything you need to do it and then some.

Take a look around, see what grabs your attention and jump on the sale while it’s up and running. There’s still a whole summer ahead — if you’re serious about cranking out some music and having a blast while doing it, now’s the time to get started. Head over to the UJAM store and get producing!


About the Author

Harry Lodes is a copywriter, marketing consultant and content writer for audio and ecommerce brands. He lives in the Philadelphia area, releasing Eastern/Western hybrid EDM under the artist name KAIRI hearkening back to his roots in Berklee College of Music.