Stepping into the shoes of Hans Zimmer with the Symphonic Elements Bundle. No need for formal wear or conducting lessons – this bundle transforms you into the maestro of your musical realm, orchestrating epic soundscapes with a few clicks, all from the comfort of your studio. A digital age symphony creator's dream come true!


Hans Zimmer's Legacy in Your Studio

The Symphonic Elements Bundle opens a world of crafting awe-inspiring soundscapes the UJAM way. It's your ticket to the storied soundscapes that have defined Hollywood's greatest moments, with Hans Zimmer's celebrated library now part of your creative toolkit. Whether you're a Mozart-in-the-making, a bedroom producer dreaming big, or just someone who gets giddy around orchestral sounds, this bundle's got you covered. This series is crafted to capture the intensity of a full orchestra, offering brass, drums, and strings that have graced countless blockbuster films. Each plug-in in the series - BRAAASS, DRUMS, and STRIIIINGS - is like a magic wand, turning your musical ideas into orchestral masterpieces.

Right now, each title in the bundle is available for just $79. But the real steal is the complete bundle - all three plug-ins for $149. It's a chance to save up to 55%, valid until January 3.


The Symphonic Foundation: STRIIIINGS


Begin your musical journey by exploring STRIIIINGS, It's like having a piece of Hollywood in your studio, minus the paparazzi. Crafted with Hans Zimmer's personal collection, it offers a full spectrum of modern string ensemble textures. With 60 Styles and 720 Phrases, it's like a Swiss Army knife for string arrangements, versatile enough to make your tracks feel like they're ready for the big screen. Need to inject some drama into your music? The custom Finisher effects turn your tracks from 'meh' to 'majestic' with just a twist. Whether you're scoring an epic space opera or just making your cat videos sound more dramatic, STRIIIINGS is your go-to for adding that extra flair.

The High and Low Strings sections are controlled separately - each with its own distinct characteristics. The low section provides the deep, resonant tones that form the backbone of any orchestral piece, while the high section delivers the soaring, ethereal sounds that add nuance and emotion. Both sections are equipped with dedicated effect busses, allowing for a range of sound manipulation and creative expression.

To truly grasp the magic of STRIIIINGS, take a dive into the sea of presets. From the gentle whispers of a violin to the robust chorus of a full string ensemble, each preset unfurls a different shade of the string spectrum. It's an interactive journey that not only showcases the plug-in's expansive library but also tickles your creative senses, guiding you to the perfect soundscapes for your musical voyages. But this instrument is more than just a journey for film music enthusiasts; it's a versatile tool for any genre.

Last year, our community voted STRIIIINGS as the best plugin, showcasing their creativity by crafting and sharing their favorite presets. These unique creations have been curated into the "Community Preset Folder," now available for everyone to explore and incorporate into their projects. This collection represents the diverse and innovative ways our users have utilized STRIIIINGS. 

To experience these community-inspired sounds and find new inspiration for your own music, download the presets from this link:

Check out how Sound Designer Boris Salchow uses STRIIIINGS for pop music:

From Subtle to Stunning: Brass Sounds for Every Composer


After you've explored the dynamic world of STRIIIINGS, it's time to delve into the powerful realm of BRAAASS. This instrument is not just about powerful fanfares or gentle brass whispers; it's about giving your tracks a voice that can range from a polite 'excuse me' to a thunderous 'listen to me!' Ideal for creating moments of triumph or suspense in your music, BRAAASS adds a cinematic quality that can transform your tracks. 

The keyboard section is designed for ease of use. It’s divided into two main zones: the lower part plays phrases, while the upper part triggers special single notes. This division allows for creative flexibility, letting you blend phrases and singular notes to create a dynamic brass section. Use the mod wheel and pitch bend for expressive control, allowing you to add an extra layer of realism to your brass sounds.

And with the custom Finisher effects, you're basically the wizard of sound, transforming simple melodies into brass spectacles that could headline any concert hall. 

But don't worry, no brass players were harmed in the making of this plug-in.

If your fingers are already itching and you’d like to hear what BRAAASS is about, either download the free trial right away, or check out this Preset Show video:

Pro Tip: To add a dynamic layer to your music, try copying the MIDI you used for STRIIIINGS and use it to trigger BRAAASS. It's like musical twins speaking the same language. This simple technique can create a rich, layered orchestral sound, effortlessly blending string and brass elements for a fuller, more complex composition.


Beat the Ordinary: Crafting Cinematic Beats with DRUMS


Last but certainly not least in our symphonic journey is the cinematic DRUMS plug-in. Think of it as the heartbeat of your musical creation - without rhythm, even the most splendid compositions would feel like a Shakespearean drama without the drama! It helps you bringing the thunderous, soul-stirring impact of an orchestral percussion section right into your studio.

The real charm of DRUMS (as with every UJAM plug-in) is its simplicity. You don't need to be a percussion maestro to make it sound like you've got an army of drummers at your command. DRUMS does the heavy lifting, offering pre-arranged patterns and grooves that can add instant drama and depth to your tracks. Just a few clicks and you're on your way to creating soundscapes that can range from subtly atmospheric to grand and cinematic. The best part? You won't even break a sweat, or a drumstick, for that matter.

DRUMS features a unique dual-section configuration, comprising independent low and high sections. The lower section focuses on delivering the deep, resonant tones of bass drums and timpanis, perfect for underpinning your compositions with foundational beats. The high section, on the other hand, includes the sharper sounds of snare drums and toms, adding rhythm and texture. You can effortlessly blend or isolate these sections using the crossfader, allowing for dynamic control over the balance of low and high tones in your orchestral drum tracks.

The Finisher section is where the magic truly happens. This one-knob wonder is a sound design powerhouse, transforming your drum tracks from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Taking the rhythmic heartbeat of your music and morphing it into something otherworldly, alien-like even.

With DRUMS, the rhythm section is no longer an afterthought but a front-runner in your musical arsenal. It’s like a secret weapon that keeps your audience's toes tapping and hearts racing. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want to wield that kind of power?

Check out our Feature Overview for a quick tour of the plug-in:

Wrapping up

Just like peeling an onion, exploring the Symphonic Elements Bundle reveals layer upon layer of musical possibilities. Whether you're the next John Williams or just making your shower singing sessions more dramatic, this bundle's got you covered. Imagine turning your tunes into something that wouldn't sound out of place in a blockbuster movie, or maybe even a quirky indie film if that's more your jam.

Take advantage of the sale, save up to 55%, and elevate your compositions to Hollywood standards (*Oscar not included), this special offer lasts until January 3rd. 

Happy creating, maestros!

Want to hear some more audio examples? 

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