This Black Friday, embrace a new era of music production with UJAM

As the holiday season approaches, we are thrilled to announce our Black Friday promotions! From November 17th to December 3rd, dive into a world of incredible savings and creative possibilities. We unveil our Top 5 Black Friday Deals for 2023: Whether you're a beat-maker, composer, producer or singer-songwriter, there will be something for you among these deals. 


  1. Beatmaker Series - Your rhythm companion across genres
  2. Usynth Series - Synths made easy
  3. Finisher Series - Effortless creative sound design
  4. Virtual Guitarist Series - Strumming perfection
  5. Virtual Pianist Series - Keys to elegance
  6. The Ultimate Black Friday deal
  7. Wrapping Up


1. Beatmaker series: Your rhythm companion across genres


At the heart of our top 5 is the Beatmaker series, now more accessible than ever. 

For just $/€ 25 per title, a whopping 64% off the current MSRP, you can dive into the world of diverse rhythms and styles. 

Each plugin in this series offers its unique approach to beat-making, seamlessly catering to genres such as hip-hop, trap, EDM, and Latin rhythms, among others. Ensuring you have the right tools needed for any creative challenge, encompassing a full spectrum of contemporary music styles without the hassle of endless sample hunting. What truly distinguishes the Beatmaker series is its innovative beat-making approach. Unlike conventional audio loops that can become repetitive, Beatmaker empowers you with the flexibility to modify rhythms and sample sets on demand.

For those who seek the full spectrum of beat-making excellence, the Beatmaker Bundle is available at an extraordinary 70% discount, priced at only $/€ 149. This bundle is the ultimate collection for producers who demand versatility and quality, making it an essential addition to any music production toolkit.


2. Usynth series: Synths made easy


Delve into the Usynth series, with each title (excluding PIXEL) available for a mere $/€ 20 – that's 75% off the regular price, consider it an invitation to explore new sonic territories.

Usynth revolutionizes the synthesizer experience by combining a rich, complex sound engine with an intuitively designed interface. Designed for both beginners and experienced producers, Usynth simplifies sound design and provides a range of essential synth sounds, from deep basses to polyphonic textures. Elevating its usability, Usynth removes the need for expert sound design knowledge. It seamlessly handles complex processes like modulations and different types of synthesis under the hood. Each preset is finely tuned, ensuring you always produce high-quality sound, no matter the adjustments made. Adding to its innovative design is the "Surprise" function, perfect for when you want to embrace a bit of chaos and creativity. This feature is tailored to generate random variations of adjustable depth, giving your sound design an unexpected twist. Usynth opens up new avenues for exploration and creativity in your music production, ensuring that each experience with the synthesizer is unique and inspiring.

If you're aiming for the full palette, the complete Usynth Bundle, including PIXEL, is available at an exceptional $/€ 99, allowing a 67% saving on the regular bundle price of 299 €.

3. Finisher series: Effortless creative sound design


Discover the transformative power of the Finisher series, now at an exceptional value with each title available for just $/€ 39 – a 61% discount off the current MSRP. 

This series reimagines audio effects, merging the capabilities of a complete effects rack into the straightforwardness of a single plug-in. Users can explore various Modes – pre-configured, automated multi-effect chains – making sound design both effortless and enjoyable.

For the ultimate in sound design versatility, the Finisher Bundle, showcasing the full spectrum of Finisher's capabilities, is now offered for just $/€ 149, marking a 57% savings from its standard price. This bundle is the ideal choice for producers and musicians seeking a creative, quality, and user-friendly audio effects solution.

4. Virtual Guitarist series: Strumming perfection


Play without playing - Unlock the full potential of guitar sounds in your music with the Virtual Guitarist series, now priced at $/€ 49 per title, offering substantial savings. This series stands out for its use of real player performances, making professional guitar tracks accessible even to those who don't play or even own the instrument.

With its intuitive design, the Virtual Guitarist series brings the essence of a live guitarist into your studio, capturing the soul and technique of a skilled player. Whether it's pop, rock, jazz, or any other genre, these plugins deliver authentic guitar sounds that resonate with listeners.

For a comprehensive guitar experience, the Virtual Guitarist Bundle is available for an unmatched $/€ 149. This bundle encompasses a variety of guitar tones and playing techniques, making it a no-brainer deal this Black Friday.

5. Virtual Pianist series: Keys to elegance


Last but certainly not least, immerse yourself in the exquisite world of the Virtual Pianist series. Now available at an extraordinary value, each title, VOGUE and VIBE, is priced at just $/€ 49, while SCORE is at $/€ 99, unlocking elegant and refined piano performances.

The Virtual Pianist series shines with its ability to produce and perform captivating piano tracks.

At the heart of this series is the Phrase Player Engine, a revolutionary tool that enables you to conduct rhythmic, arpeggiated, and stylized piano performances effortlessly. For those who want more control, Instrument Mode transforms Virtual Pianist into a fully playable piano, enhanced with creative Finisher and Ambience FX.

For the ultimate piano collection, the Virtual Pianist Bundle, priced at an unbeatable $/€ 149, offers an extensive range of tones and styles, perfect for every musical endeavor. It's a must-have this Black Friday for anyone looking to add a touch of class and sophistication to their music production.

If you crave even more UJAM - The ultimate Black Friday deal


And if the top 5 deals haven't satisfied your musical cravings, UJAM presents the ultimate Black Friday offer - the Full Bundle. This unparalleled deal includes all 50+ UJAM software titles at an extraordinary 75% off. 

Seize this Black Friday opportunity to own the entire UJAM collection at an incredibly discounted price.

You can read more about the Full Bundle here:

Wrapping up


This Black Friday, UJAM's offerings are not just deals but gateways to new creative heights in music production. From the versatile Beatmaker series to the elegant Virtual Pianist, each plugin is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and user-friendliness. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these deals are tailored to enhance your musical journey. And for those who yearn for the ultimate collection, our Full Bundle at 75% off is THE opportunity to own every UJAM title. Happy Black Friday and even happier music making!