Massive deals to kick off the summer

Before we dive too deep into specific deals, which go up to 75% off, it’s worth noting that everything on our site is 50% off or more (except for certain upgrades and bundles, but we’ve got something even better toward the bottom of this page if that’s your end game...)! If there’s a UJAM plugin you’ve been eyeing, looking for an excuse to pick it up, this is the time to do it. We’re also taking a few existing deals and sweetening them even further, so in case you’re on the fence about a particular product, you may want to take another look…

While we’re at it, this summer we teamed up with our friends at Baby Audio to give away a free copy of Parallel Aggressor with your purchase (except Beatmaker COZY) during Summer Madness. This effect lets you add parallel saturation and parallel compression from within one plug-in.

Finisher NEO

Let’s start off with a plugin that has withstood the test of time, almost since the inception of UJAM (pun intended, since Hans Zimmer is one of our co-founders) — and for its ability to instantly generate futuristic, “out there” effects when you need something new but aren’t sure exactly what, it’s well worth its $99 price tag. But for our Summer Madness Sale, we’re sweetening the deal and offering it for just $25. 75% off of a UJAM classic that you can find a use for with nearly anything you create! NEO gives you tons of different multi-effect combinations to play with, making $25 a difficult value to beat.

If you want to spice up your sound design and add variety to your songs in the shortest time possible (i.e. without constructing 15-plugin chains for every sound), you’ll love how quickly you’re able to go from idea to execution and breeze right through your sound design. Plus, it’s fun just cycling through presets and listening to how rapidly your audio tracks turn into something completely new!

Special intro prices

While we have some great intro prices on our newest products, we’re adding a little extra incentive during the Summer Madness Sale ... by bringing back the intro prices for our most recent releases: Virtual Guitarist AMBER 2, Finisher BOOST, Usynth GLAM! Let’s take a deeper look at each plugin.

AMBER 2 is the direct successor to the original AMBER, a strummed and picked steel string virtual guitar built from warm, acoustic live-recorded phrases. As versatile as the original version was, we knew we could take it even further by adding much finer control over the performance — down to a single note. This means you can build any phrase you want manually without needing to hunt through loop libraries, cut up strummed guitar samples and piece them back together! You can build the guitar part you want from scratch without the limitations of conventional guitar libraries, exactly the way you envision. While the standard price is $149, you can get it for $99 for the Summer Madness Sale!

BOOST, on the other hand, is an extremely versatile Finisher that allows you to take any incoming audio and morph it into custom transitions, risers, fallers, washouts, and more. Instead of diving through folders of samples searching for just the right FX, you can make your own without having to do it from scratch. You’ll find tons of presets that use pre-made combinations of reverb, filtering, and phasing (among many others) to apply oneshot, looped, or rhythmic effects to any audio you choose and get tons of different options ready to leave as-is or sample and process to your heart’s content. BOOST’s price is a great deal at $99, but right now you can get it for $69.

GLAM was designed with one purpose in mind: to fulfill all your synth needs for cutting-edge pop music. Rather than scrolling through tons of different presets that could be used for almost anything (which is the way most synths are set up), GLAM is very specific in its use ... allowing you to arrive at the exact sounds you need much faster than you can any other way. Will it provide organic, morphing textures for your next ambient track? Unless you’re ready to get creative, probably not — but it’ll get the job done every time when you’re aiming for the pop charts. The regular price is $79, but during the sale, it’s going all the way down to $59!

UJAM’s Full Bundle

There are plenty of great deals above already, but we decided to save the best for last. Normally, the Full Bundle is $1,999 for everything we’ve released at the time of writing. All the Finishers, Virtual Guitarists, Beatmakers, Virtual Drummers, Usynth add-ons, Virtual Pianists, Symphonic Series, Virtual Bassist, you name it — if we made it, it’s in there! While that’s a great deal on its own (considering that the grand total for all UJAM’s current products is $4821 USD), our Summer Madness Sale brings it down to $799. So if you really want everything UJAM has to offer and you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to arise ... this is it!

UJAM makes virtual instruments in nearly every category imaginable, making this a fantastic bundle to own if you don’t feel fully equipped to bring your vision for your music to life just yet. Do you want to make epic hybrid cinematic music? How about head-splitting dubstep? Heck, you can even embrace your inner angst and make pro-level grunge! No matter the genre or what type of processing you need to achieve your sound, our Full Bundle provides you with the plugins you need to make it a reality.

Wrapping up

Since we’ve left you with plenty to think about, let’s make the decision a bit easier: If your budget is flexible and your plugin arsenal needs overhauling, our Full Bundle has your name on it. If you’re stressing about missing out on a great deal but definitely aren’t ready to commit, don’t worry — there are still tons of excellent smaller deals available, and you’re probably better off jumping on what you really want while you have the opportunity.

There are tons of excellent options to explore, so head over to the deals that excite you most and add some new friends to your collection!