We update our products regularly so we can make them better for you. On Thursday, September 3rd we released version 2.1 of Beatmaker.


If you own a Beatmaker from the second generation such as DOPE 2, HUSTLE 2, EDEN 2, VICE, and VOID please head over to your account to download the free 2.1 updates. Please note that when you own a Beatmaker from the first generation such as DOPE 1, HUSTLE 1, and EDEN 1 there are upgrade options to the second generation for just 9 EUR / USD per plug-in. Beatmaker HYPE has already been released with all new features of the 2.1 version, so it doesn’t need to be updated. Below you’ll find what’s new:


  • With the 2.1 updates, Beatmaker user interfaces are resizable to fit on small screens.
  • You can now quantize the Beatmaker to match the playback of your DAW tempo, and you can choose the starting point between the current grid, 1/4, 1/8, or 1/16 notes.
  • Studio One user running on version 4.6.2 or later can now see the names of styles and drum-elements on the keys of the Piano Roll to help you find the right styles and drums faster and easier for your track. 
  • The scale range of styles and instruments are highlighted with a red line at the left side of your Piano Roll now.
  • And we also fixed some minor bugs for a better workflow.


Check out the updates in this quick overview video:


If you’re keen to learn more about Beatmaker 2.1, check out our knowledge base or discover the six genre specialists on our website.