Beatmaker NEMESIS is already being used in game development. Rusher is working on the soundtrack for the upcoming title Kato by Imagine Dreams.


Now it’s your turn to make beats for a game trailer video! Create dark, dystopian, broken beats, throw in some epic strings and top it up with highly distorted guitars. The winner gets a free Full Bundle worth $1099, runner ups get an instrument bundle of choice (excl. the Full Bundle!). This competition ends on Tuesday, March 30th, 2021.


Here’s the challenge: create your very own version of the background music for the NEMESIS trailer. Hit the link below to download the trailer video and start a free trial of Beatmaker NEMESIS, if you don’t own it already. These are the only limits, build beats and rhythms of dystopian cyberpunk scenes and epic space battles with NEMESIS.


Here’s what you can win:


  • 1st place: ujam Full Bundle worth $1099
  • 2nd-5th place: ujam Instrument Bundle of your choice (excl. Full Bundle)


The last day to participate is March 30th midnight CET, submit your track here. Five winners will be announced on April 6th.

This is our take, now’s your turn! Tens of thousands of years after the intergalactic battle, we still don't fully understand the mysterious things that happened at that space station… Use any instruments, samples or recordings you like, only the use of Beatmaker NEMESIS drums is mandatory in this challenge.

Download Your Free Trial To Take Part

In case you don’t own NEMESIS yet, go ahead and download your free trial, no strings attached. The use of NEMESIS drums are mandatory in this challenge. Check out our How To Write Beats For A Game Soundtrack tutorial to spark your inspiration.

Download The NEMESIS Game Trailer

You’ve seen our take, now it’s your turn – download the video and drop your beats with NEMESIS! This video can be used in this challenge, personal education, non-monetary and non-commercial use.


Good luck!

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