As we step into Women's History Month, UJAM is thrilled to shine a spotlight on incredible women who've sculpted the landscape of music. This March, our focus is on amplifying the voices of women in an industry traditionally dominated by men. Our goal is to not only acknowledge their immense contributions, but to foster a space where their stories inspire, their achievements are celebrated, and their challenges are addressed head-on.

Women's History Month at UJAM aims at elevating the presence and influence of female artists. Expect engaging live streams with amazing women in the industry, artist spotlights that delve deep into their musical journeys, a remix contest to showcase your talents, and a special bundle sale to spark your creativity.

Join us as we dedicate this month to listening, learning, and celebrating the women whose innovations, performances, and leadership have shaped the music industry. It's more than just a nod to gender equality; it's a celebration of talent, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of women in music. Together, let's make this Women's History Month at UJAM a resonant tribute to female artists everywhere.


Livestream schedule

  • March 22nd - 11:00am PDT / 7:00pm CET: SEIDS  The last stream of the month is with SEIDS (Sabrina Seidman), a multifaceted singer, songwriter, producer, and educator. With over 200K followers and successful virtual classes, SEIDS has collaborated with major music brands and is passionate about inspiring others to pursue their dreams.Click here for the livestream and don't miss out on this chance to dive into her journey, learn from her experiences, and get motivated to follow your musical aspirations.


Artist spotlights

This Women’s History Month artist spotlights series will dive into the lives and careers of a diverse group of female artists shaping the music industry, including EMM, Michelle Leonard, and SEIDS, among others. From groundbreaking producers to captivating vocalists and songwriters, these blog posts will showcase the wide spectrum of talent and creativity women bring to music. Stay tuned for inspiring tales of passion, innovation, and empowerment as we celebrate their achievements and contributions.



EMMxUJAM Remix Contest

Exciting Announcement: Get ready to unleash your creativity in our upcoming remix contest! Stay tuned for more details in our next blog post, where we'll reveal all the juicy information about how you can participate, the prizes up for grabs, and the inspiring song you'll be remixing. Get ready to dive into new musical territories, experiment with sound, and showcase your talent. We can't wait to see what you create!



Songwriter Bundles Sale

Unlock the full potential of your musical creativity this March with UJAM's exclusive Songwriter Bundles Sale! From March 1st to 25th, we're offering an unbeatable deal on two specially curated bundles designed to streamline your songwriting process and elevate your music to new heights.

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Advanced bundle at €89: For those looking to take their productions a step further, the Advanced Bundle not only includes the essential tools but also expands your sonic palette with Usynth GLAM, Beatmaker KANDY, UFX REVERB, and Finisher NEO. This comprehensive collection offers everything from lush synths and tight beats to expansive reverbs and dynamic finishing touches.

Everything you need, from start to finish, in two bundle’s, whether you're sketching out a new idea or finalizing a hit song. With UJAM's Songwriter Bundles, instant inspiration and easy song creation are at your fingertips. Don't miss this opportunity to redefine songwriting and craft perfect songs with ease. The sale ends on March 25th—expand your studio with these indispensable plugins at an unbeatable price now!


Wrapping up

As we celebrate Women's History Month, UJAM is excited to amplify the voices of women in music. With the soul-stirring live streams, we're set to showcase the remarkable talents of female artists. Dive into our artist spotlights for a deeper understanding of their journeys, and don't miss the opportunity to participate in the "Delilah" Remix Contest. Explore our Songwriter bundles Sale to unlock your creative potential. 

Join us in honoring incredible women who shape the music industry and let's make music that matters, together.