With Women's History Month in full swing, we take immense pride in spotlighting remarkable women in the music industry. Our dedication is to inspire the next generation, to honor the hardships and triumphs of female artists who laid the groundwork for a music industry that thrives on both diversity and equality.

Emma "EMM" Norris emerges as a shining figure in the music scene, celebrated for her groundbreaking work as one of the first women to independently manage all aspects of her album "Burning in the Dark", showcasing a unique blend of alternative-pop that has garnered widespread acclaim.

In the spirit of EMM's trailblazing achievements, UJAM is excited to present an unparalleled opportunity for our community: the chance to remix EMM's song "Delilah." This contest is not only a platform for showcasing your remixing skills; it's a celebration of the innovative spirit of female artists like EMM. Delilah’s a narrative of strength, defiance, and empowerment, themes that resonate within the ethos of Women's History Month. This song was also featured in Rolling Stone US as one of the week's best new songs.

To learn more about EMM, check out her Artist Spotlight.


We invite you to reinterpret the essence of “Delilah”, and infuse it with your unique creative vision. This remix contest is your stage to contribute to the ongoing dialogue about gender equality in music,, and to potentially etch your name alongside those whose work continues to inspire and challenge the status quo.


Emm x UJAM: "Delilah" Remix Contest


Release your creativity on the vocal stems of Emm's captivating song "Delilah”. This is your chance to shine and win with UJAM! Whether you're just starting out or you're a remix veteran, we're on the hunt for that standout sound—could it be yours?​​.

Prizes Await:

  • 1st Place: Win the UJAM Full Bundle, a treasure trove of sounds valued at $999.
  • 2nd Place: Grab the Advanced Songwriter Bundle, packed with inspiration worth $89.
  • 3rd Place: Take home the Essential Bundle, your start to stunning tracks, valued at $49.

How to Participate:

  1. Get access to the original vocal stems of "Delilah" to get started.
  2. Remix EMM's song in any genre, using its vocals and at least one UJAM plug-in.
  3. Post your remix (minimum 60 seconds) on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.
  4. Tag UJAM and EMM, use #EMMxUJAM in your post, and also mention which UJAM Plug-in you’ve used.
  5. Follow UJAM and EMM on the platform where you share your remix.


You have from March 8th until March 31st to submit your remix for the "Delilah" Remix Contest.


This contest is about exploring new musical territories, experimenting with sound, and showcasing your talent. Let "Delilah" inspire you, use UJAM's cutting-edge tools, and maybe, just maybe, your remix will be the one to take the top spot.


Winners will be announced on April 12th. Whether you're aiming for the top prize or looking to share your unique sound with the world, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Songwriter Bundle’s Sale Reminder

Don't forget, amid the excitement of our remix contest, our Songwriter Bundles Sale is in full swing until March 25th! These specially curated bundles could be just what you need to give your "Delilah" remix that extra edge. Whether you're starting fresh or looking to boost your remix with unparalleled sounds, our Essential and Advanced Bundles are priced at €49 and €89, respectively, offering everything from virtual instruments to expansive effects. Make sure to grab this deal and let our Songwriter Bundles inspire your creativity and enhance your entry. Don't miss out on this opportunity to amplify your remixing capabilities!

Don’t forget to download the stems

In case you don’t own any UJAM plug-in yet, go ahead and use the trials of the plug-ins free, no strings attached. The use of at least one UJAM plug-in is mandatory in this challenge.

Check out our “Women’s History Month” blog post to see what else is coming in March. 

Download the vocal stems from Emm’s track here. By downloading the stems, you agree to only use the stems for the purpose of creating and submitting your remix, subject to the licenses granted under the Official Contest Terms

Good luck!