Learn how to create maximum suspense with a single riff of Virtual Guitarist CARBON.
It’s definitely more than just a guitar, in this video you can learn how to use it like a personal film Composer for Hollywood-style movie trailers.
To create mysterious and creepy sounds we recommend the Infinity Finisher Preset in the Instrument Mode which gives you a “reverb-crossed-delay” kind of sound.
In the Player Mode you should try out to filter your sound and automate it to create a riser effect which builds up a lot of tension.
The pitch is also great for using automation, it will give you a sweeping air sound.
In Instrument Mode you can create a chasing feeling, like someone is running away in a movie, with fast played riffs.
The key here is to not do too much crazy stuff, use a little bit of CARBON to create something bigger.


We’re challenging you to create your very own movie trailer with CARBON. Download a template trailer video here for free and show us how your own Hollywood-style movie trailer would sound like. Post the link to your video in the comments of the tutorial below.
Check out our Virtual Drummers if you need some solid drum tracks to support CARBON.


Watch the video: