About Finisher NEO

Finisher is a new concept of audio plug-in, designed to deliver the power and flexibility of a full rack of audio processors and effects with the instant gratification that UJAM products are famous for.
With Finisher NEO, UJAM makes its debut in the audio effect market, applying the philosophy of playful musical exploration and fail-proof simplicity.
Finisher is a creative, musical effect plug-in that is supposed to inspire and delight, during the process of making music rather than perform technical audio processing tasks.


Finisher NEO features


  • Pro-grade stereo audio effect plug-in
  • Modular engine featuring 27 algorithms from granular pitch to multi-band distortion
  • 50 Modes – complex multi-effect chains made by pro sound designers
  • 130 Presets for instant inspiration, over and over
  • Uber-easy operation via 3 simple macro knobs controlling dozens of parameters under the hood


UJAM’s Wolfram Knelangen says: “Don’t be fooled by its tame-looking surface! Finisher NEO hides it’s freakishly large array of effect algorithms and automation under the hood and chances are you will be dazzled by the sounds you can create with it. NEO is the first of its kind and a sheer endless source of inspiration and delight while warranting minimal interruption of your creative flow.
We have thought long and hard about whether to come out with an effect, and how to apply the UJAM way of keeping-things-simple to the audio effect world. While designing an instrument you are automatically guided by either the natural instrument that is being emulated, or the category of sound that you’re trying to create, let’s say synthesizer as an example. With effects however, the challenge is more complex, as they are meant to be applied to anything, from a voice to a drum sound, to a string section playing pizzicato. Also, in choosing audio effects and adjusting their parameters there is an inherent creative process that is both a central ingredient to an artist’s personal sound, as well as a joyful, playful exercise during the inception of a composition. Think movie scores, any type of EDM, chill-out, but also modern forms of jazz, new classical music or commercial pop music.
Finisher NEO is our take on making that joyful exploration as easy and rewarding as possible and we hope it will inspire musicians, composers, producers and sound designers from all places and genres.”


Pricing and availability

Finisher NEO is now available on www.ujam.com/finisher-neo for a 69 EUR / USD introduction price until February 9, 2020. Thereafter, the regular price will be 99 EUR / USD.
All Finisher plug-ins are available as a direct download in VST, AU, and AAX formats for any compatible DAW, including Logic, Garageband, Cubase, Ableton Live and Pro Tools. Free, fully functional 30-day trial available.


Learn more at www.ujam.com/company


For press inquiries, please contact Wolfram Knelangen: [email protected]

About UJAM

UJAM is a German-US American maker of music technology co-founded by Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams that develops Virtual Instrument Plug-ins. With the Plug-in series Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Bassist, Virtual Drummer and Beatmaker and a range of software solutions (desktop, mobile, web), UJAM helps people to make music.