Step Into the Soulful World of Lofi With Ujam’s Special Bundle!

As we enter this creative season, we warmly invite you to explore the nostalgic realm of LoFi. We're bringing you an unbeatable deal that mixes the nostalgia of LoFi with the cutting-edge technology of our plug-ins. This limited time bundle includes Beatmaker Cozy, Usynth Deluxe, Virtual Bassist Dandy and Finisher Retro plug-ins - each designed to enhance your LoFi music production.. 

That's not all! We've partnered with Splice to offer a bonus; every LoFi bundle purchase now comes with a month of access to their Splice Creator plan. This means sounds and boundless creative possibilities, for you. Immerse yourself in the soothing sound of raindrops and the comforting hum of distant thunder, as these plug-ins effortlessly blend with nature's symphony, transforming each moment into a serene, musical sanctuary.


Bundle Overview:


Beatmaker Cozy: Effortlessly Crafting Warm and Dusty Beats

Beatmaker Cozy goes beyond being a drum machine. It serves as your partner, throughout the process of crafting vintage beats that form the essence of LoFi and Hip Hop music. Say goodbye to the search for that drum sound in record collections or sample packs; now everything you need is right, at your fingertips.

Designed with simplicity in mind, Cozy is accessible for both newcomers and seasoned producers. It's an intuitive playground that sparks creativity and brings your musical vision to life. With its collection of drum kits, each housing 16 drum sounds, and a diverse range of 20 styles with 23 patterns each, Cozy offers a total of 460 unique patterns to explore and experiment with.

But the true essence of Cozy lies in its ability to capture the "lazy" groove synonymous with LoFi – a relaxed, mellow rhythm that makes you feel like you're swaying gently in a hammock on a lazy afternoon. The beats, with their subtle swing and slightly delayed snares, create a calming ambiance ideal for reflective, chill-out moments. The “Nostalgia” Special Control, infused with tape warmth and the nostalgic crackle of vinyl, adds an unmistakable vintage charm to your tracks.

Wrapping your listeners in the embrace of comforting soundscapes!


Usynth Deluxe: A World of Synthesizer Goodness

Deluxe is a vibrant soul keys synth plug-in that takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the world of sound. With Usynth Deluxe, you can effortlessly create a spectrum of rich and soulful melodies, unlocking new realms of sonic exploration. This tool is crafted not just to be a synthesizer but to be a muse, igniting your imagination and infusing your tracks with life.

Usynth Deluxe offers the full capabilities of a sophisticated synthesizer while eliminating the complexities often associated with synthesis, offering an accessible and engaging experience. With its 110 Synth modes, 88 Finisher modes, and 25 Sequences, Usynth Deluxe offers a kaleidoscope of possibilities to mold and shape your sound to perfection.

This synth isn't just about creating sounds; it's about bringing them to life. The heart of this experience is its Finisher section, a magical realm where your sonic creations receive their final, transformative touch. 

And for those who dare to venture further, there's an extraordinary feature: the ‘Surprise’ function. This innovative tool is for those moments when you seek to infuse a touch of spontaneity and creative chaos into your music. It masterfully generates random variations, adding an element of the unexpected to your tracks. It's an invitation to break the mold and venture into uncharted sonic territories, making Usynth Deluxe an indispensable companion in the LoFi Bundle for any creative journey.

Virtual Bassist DANDY: The Heartbeat of Your LoFi Groove

Now, with drums and melodies beautifully handled, it's time to add the soulful groove of bass to your LoFi tracks. That's where Virtual Bassist Dandy steps in, adding to the ensemble of the LoFi Bundle with its smooth and sophisticated bass lines.

Virtual Bassist Dandy brings the essence of elegance and the backbone of your rhythm section. It delivers the charm of flat-wound string bass to your musical palette, offering a range of styles perfect for genres that demand a touch of class, from soulful pop to rock, and of course, LoFi. Its intuitive design allows you to effortlessly inject your tracks with bass lines that are both refined and expressive.

Dandy stands out with its ability to follow your key and chord progression, intelligently selecting the most musical articulations to brighten your tracks. With 60 different styles and over a thousand phrases, Dandy is a versatile companion, ready to lay down studio-quality bass grooves at your command.

Virtual Bassist Dandy is the final element that binds your composition together, it’s a statement of style, bringing depth, warmth, and character to your LoFi creations, making it an indispensable element of this Bundle.

Finisher Retro: Revive the Classic Vibes With Timeless Effects

Now that our elements are complete, let's add the crowning touch with Finisher RETRO. This unique plug-in is a sonic gateway to the golden era, inviting you on a nostalgic odyssey back to when music oozed with the warm, analog charm of vintage sound. RETRO stands as a celebration of timeless tones.

It's a rich collection of effects, ranging from the lush echoes of classic plate reverbs to the raw, gritty feel of tape delays. Imagine a treasure trove of vintage hardware effects, all encapsulated in one sleek, user-friendly interface.

Each of RETRO's 50 modes is expertly crafted to recapture the spirit of different musical eras. Whether it's the cozy warmth of vintage tube saturation or the clear-cut resonance of digital modulation, these modes span a broad spectrum of effects.

As a perfect fit for the LoFi Bundle, Finisher RETRO is the essential final touch. It harmoniously complements the soulful beats from Beatmaker Cozy, the rich textures of Usynth Deluxe, and the smooth grooves of Virtual Bassist Dandy, wrapping your music in a nostalgic LoFi blanket that transcends time.


Splice x UJAM: A Perfect Fusion of Sounds and Innovation

Enhance your LoFi Bundle with Splice's Creator Plan, a complementary addition that unlocks the vast and constantly evolving Splice library, teeming with premium samples, loops, and presets. This plan is specifically tailored to producers, continuously updating with fresh, innovative sounds that align perfectly with the LoFi Bundle's essence, sparking boundless creative inspiration. 

With Splice's Creator Plan, you can dive into an ever-growing sonic universe, meticulously curated to ensure you're always at the forefront of unique musical elements. This collaboration between UJAM and Splice not only enriches your soundscapes but also inspires your artistic journey, making each production distinctively yours. 

Wrapping up

Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to elevate your music production game. From Beatmaker Cozy's warm and dusty beats to Usynth Deluxe's gateway to a world of synthesizer splendor, from Virtual Bassist Dandy's heartbeat of your LoFi groove to Finisher Retro's timeless effects, this bundle is your key to crafting the perfect LoFi sound. And by partnering with Splice to offer one month of the Splice Creator plan with every bundle purchase, we've added an extra layer of creativity.

Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting your music production journey, this LoFi Bundle has something for everyone. It's a celebration of nostalgia and modern technology, a blend of simplicity and sophistication, and an invitation to explore the boundless creativity that LoFi music offers.

Craft chill beats, embrace the warmth of analog charm, and infuse your tracks with soulful melodies. The LoFi Bundle is your ticket to musical bliss. 

Happy music making, and may your creativity flow like the rain on a cozy afternoon!