Exciting news for the UJAM community: we've just launched crossgrades! If you're already rocking with any of our paid plug-ins*, you're in for a treat. Between March 27th and April 21st, we're offering an exclusive deal that lets you not only crossgrade to any of our other plug-ins, but you’ll also get a full 50% off the crossgrade price. This special introduction is designed to thank you for being part of our community and to encourage you to explore more of what UJAM has to offer.And to make your music production journey even sweeter, each crossgrade includes a complimentary license for Izotope Neutron Elements, giving you that extra edge in your mixes.


What are crossgrades and how do they work?

A crossgrade is a special opportunity offered by UJAM that allows existing customers to expand their virtual instrument and effects collections at a significant discount. Unlike an upgrade, which typically involves moving to a higher version of the same product, a crossgrade allows you to branch out and add different products from our lineup to your collection. It's an excellent way to diversify your toolkit with new sounds and capabilities, all while enjoying a significant saving.

Here’s how it works: If you already own any paid plug-in from the UJAM collection and find another UJAM plugin that catches your ear or could fill a gap in your production capabilities, you can purchase it at a reduced cost.

For example, let's say you already own and love Beatmaker VICE, but you've always been intrigued by the creative possibilities offered by Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE, Virtual Pianist VOGUE or Usynth CARAMEL, then you can simply crossgrade to them at the discounted crossgrade price, instead of paying the full retail price.

Crossgrades are a permanent addition to our UJAM ecosystem, offering you the flexibility to explore our diverse range of plug-ins at a special rate. However, the opportunity to crossgrade at an incredible 50% off is a limited-time offer. So act fast!


Am I eligible for a Crossgrade?

  • If you have a UJAM product license related to the product you want to purchase registered to your user account, you qualify for a Crossgrade.
  • Free products such as Usynth DRIVE and Finisher MICRO are excluded from Crossgrade eligibility.
  • You need to log in to your account before you can purchase a Crossgrade.



Izotope Neutron Elements for free!

Neutron Elements is an innovative mixing tool from iZotope designed for music producers seeking to achieve professional-quality sound in their mixes. It simplifies the mixing process with powerful technology like Track Assistant and EQ Learn, helping users quickly identify and solve mix issues. This entry-level version of Neutron still packs a punch, offering essential mixing tools such as EQ, Compressor, Transient Shaper, and Exciter in an intuitive interface. Neutron Elements aims to democratize mixing, making high-quality audio processing accessible to all levels of music creators.

And for a limited time, from March 27th to April 21st, everyone who takes advantage of our crossgrade will receive a free license of Neutron Elements. This special collaboration is an excellent opportunity for members of the UJAM family to not only expand their production toolkit with more of our plug-ins but also add iZotope's acclaimed mixing capabilities at no additional cost.


Wrapping Up

As we prepare for liftoff, it's clear our Crossgrade Event is a mission to empower our musical community. With crossgrades of our entire catalogue at a fraction of the cost, plus iZotope's Neutron Elements to refine your productions, there's never been a better time to expand your creative arsenal. 

But this universe of opportunity is only open March 27th to April 21st. Harness the full potential of UJAM's plug-ins, enhanced by iZotope's professional mixing tech. Don't miss this rare chance to crossgrade at 50% off with a free Neutron Elements license. 

Join this adventure and create sounds that resonate across the universe. Thank you for inspiring us to innovate the best tools for bringing your sonic visions to life. Fasten your seatbelts - one small step could be a giant leap for your creativity.

*Finisher MICRO and Usynth DRIVE are excluded from Crossgrades