Make the switch

A-List is dead – long live Virtual Guitarist!
Reason Studios discontinued the sale of A-List Guitarist Rack Extensions in January 2021, but we’re making sure you don’t miss out on your own personal session guitarist.


The A-List Guitarist will remain in your Reason Studios account, but if you would like to enjoy future updates like Instrument Mode, MIDI Drag and Drop and built-in Finishers – as already implemented in Virtual Guitarist CARBON – we recommend to make the switch!


Until April 11th 2021, you’ll get Virtual Guitarist IRON, AMBER, SPARKLE and SILK for $/€ 19 ($/€ 129) each, or the bundle of five including CARBON for $/€ 159 ($/€ 399). Choose your guitar plug-in or pick the bundle in the shop section below, add the product of choice to the cart and apply your coupon code to redeem the discount.




How do I get my code?


  • We sent out a newsletter with one personal coupon code for a single Virtual Guitarist and one for the Virtual Guitarist Bundle to all A-List Guitarist owners. Check your inbox (don’t forget the spam folder!) for your code. In case you somehow didn’t get your code, please get in touch with support, we got some spare codes ready for you! We will ask for proof though, be so kind to send over a screenshot of your Reason Studios account to verify ownership.


What can I do if the code doesn't work?


  • Some users seem to struggle to redeem their codes. Please try manually typing in the code if the pasted version fails!
  • Also note that you can't use the code for Virtual Guitarist CARBON as a single product. VG CARBON is only included when buying the Guitarists Bundle!