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Compose for Epic Film and Game Soundtracks

Build a massive-sounding orchestral or hybrid film score with broken beats, strings, an earth-shaking 8-string and cinematic effects.



What you get

symphonic elements striiiings packaging l
1/4 Symphonic Elements Striiiings
finisher neo packaging l
2/4 Finisher Neo
beatmaker nemesis packaging l
3/4 Beatmaker Nemesis
virtual guitarist carbon packaging l
4/4 Virtual Guitarist Carbon

What's in there

World-class string section phrases (STRIIIINGS)

MIDI Drag and Drop (CARBON)

27 audio effect algorithms (NEO)

Hypercharge and Pressurize special control (NEMESIS)

Ready for the braahhhhh?!

The Cinematic Bundle is your key to Hollywood! Packed with four plug-ins, ready-made for composing, sound designing and finishing tracks quickly in your DAW. No musical instrument skills are required to take advantage of the instant gratification that UJAM products are famous for.

The squad

This combination of beautiful string textures that elevate the emotion of a song, an otherworldly distorted guitar, a full rack of audio processors and effects and an action-packed drum machine for electronic broken beats is second to none. Listen to some song examples containing elements of the Cinematic Bundle and get inspired.

You’re sitting in the producer’s chair!

The alarm goes off at the secret laboratory, a special team with fearless men and women gets deployed and is going in… watch the Cinematic Bundle trailer video at the link below.

Watch Now

Take the shortcut to epic film scores

We offer great value bundles to help you create and finish your soundtracks faster, better and easier than ever before.

The Hard Facts

Operating Systems

Windows 7 or later. OS X 10.11/ macOS 10.12 or later. 64 bit only.

You may run it on earlier versions but we don’t support them

Minimum Requirements

4 GB of RAM

9.47 GB of Disk Space

1280x768px Display, Internet Connection

Plugin Formats

VST, AU 2, and AAX.

AU 2 version only compatible with Logic Pro X and newer.

Delivery Format

Downloadable Installer File


E-mail and Password Within the Plug-in

Supported Standards


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