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Virtual Bassist Competition

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Pushing the Virtual Bassists to Their Limits

To showcase the power of our newly released Virtual Bassists as Rack Extensions, we’ve teamed up with ReasonTalk to host a Song Competition where users had the chance to demonstrate what UJAM plugins are all about: creating music faster, better and easier. The competition was on from April 16th to May 6th and here’s what went down:

Conditions of Participation

The rules were simple but challenging nevertheless:

With just less than 3 weeks time, contestants had to compose an original song using one of our Virtual Bassist Rack Extensions: Royal (all-purpose pop and rock bass), Mellow (soulful modern double bass), or Rowdy (rough and driven picked rock bass).

Obviously, there were no restrictions on how to use the bassists, in fact we wanted the participants to really get creative and try to use them in every way possible. Creators could take advantage of the built-in styles and phrases in Player Mode or get inventive with Instrument Mode, where the entire bassists fretboard can be played like a traditional sampler. A great opportunity to test the bassists to the best of their abilities while creating something special.

The Prizes

We made sure that incentives to get a spot on the podium were certainly present:

1st prize: Virtual Bassist Bundle + Beatmaker Bundle + a story feature
2nd – 5th: Virtual Bassist Bundle OR Beatmaker Bundle
6th – 10th: The choice of any one Virtual Bassist or Beatmaker RE

All other participants received a “consolation prize”, giving them the possibility to purchase one of the Virtual Bassists as Rack Extensions with 25% discount.

Voting & Results

The judging panel consisted of several members of the UJAM and ReasonTalk family, just to make sure that there was a good mix of opinions and musical tastes. Each judge could choose his personal Top 10 and in the end we added up the results.

During the 3 weeks of the contest we received 20 entries in total. We could not be more happy with what the community came up with and the fact, that not a single entry went through the voting process without receiving votes, just goes to show how good they are. Therefore, we are proud to hereby showcase the winners:

1st place: Carly(Poohbear) – Summertime iJam uJam We Jam

“Thanks goes to you and your team for producing some great devices and more importantly the RE versions as I find the CV stuff on the back a must for me (and also a lot of other Reason users do).”

2nd place: Loque – Little Cymbol

“I really had fun making the song! Thanks for the challenge and the price.”

3rd place: Boombastix – Virtual Bassist Song

Boombastix on what he likes about the Virtual Bassist series:
“In one word “inspiration”. Every part of a song composition is like a blank canvas, and the first brush stroke is the most difficult. The Virtual Bass patterns can be that first “brush stroke” that gets the ideas flowing for building up a complete bass line.”

4th place: diminished – Voyage molvær

“I’m very happy with that device, because you get results that feel alive quite fast. A little bit of EQing and parallel shenanigans and I was set.”

5th place: Rare Shadow – Shelter in the Woods

“I really enjoy the REs very much! I already made a second track during the competition ( and I’m experimenting with the electric basses at the moment. (…) 5 star rating well deserved :-)”

6th place: Grumbleweed – Animal

7th place: Imaginary191 – The Return

8th place (tie): Swedish Dude – Gnome Rave

8th place (tie): alterEe – MS Royal Riffraff

“I’ve been really enjoying my Royal RE, still missing Mellow and Rowdy and still feeling that I need to have them in my rack one day.”

9th place: retreed – underdog

10th place: gavh – Back to Basics

A big thank you goes out to ReasonTalk for making this possible and of course, thank you to all the participants for their submissions, we are looking forward to the next competition! In the meantime, check out some more blog articles:

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