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Virtual Drummer HEAVY Walkthrough


A Deep Dive Into HEAVY, Your Rock and Indie Specialist

In this video walkthrough, Daniel Ruczko shows you how to get started with Virtual Drummer HEAVY.

Continuing with our latest video series, this time Daniel Ruczko walks you through all the key features of Virtual Drummer PHAT, HEAVY, and SOLID. From selecting a drummer style to tweaking individual drum sounds, he takes a look at each section of the interface, giving you an overview of the instrument while demonstrating the important features explicitly. In this walkthrough you can, among other things, learn more about HEAVY’s special Slam control which adds, you guessed it, slam to your drum sound. Make your drums stick out in the mix and adjust their punchiness with just one knob. This should set you up with enough skills to get inspired and start creating your own!

We prepared this table of contents so you can go to the section that is of interest to you.

00:49 Latch Button
01:08 Picking a Drummer Style
01:35 Creating your own Drum Patterns and Variations
01:58 Mixing Section: Tweaking individual Drum Sounds
02:09 Room & Overhead Controls
02:32 Picking a Drum Kit
02:50 Slam Control
03:08 Speed Control
03:29 Swing Slider
03:41 Character Section
04:02 Amount Slider
04:16 Feel & Humanize Controls

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About Daniel Ruczko

Daniel Ruczko is an award-winning director, composer and writer – and a sounddesigner for UJAM.
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