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Build your next arena anthem with Beatmaker EDEN


EDM/Dance Tutorial by Martin Seyer

In this short tutorial clip, Martin Seyer shows you how to use Beatmaker EDEN’s built-in styles and phrases to create a pumping EDM anthem. Be inspired by the stomping beats of the song “Rave or Die”, composed and produced by Martin himself.

Check out the Track

How to get started:

  • I first prepare the musical parts of my track (intro, part 1, main part/anthem, …)
  • Now, I set up an instance of Ujam’s Beatmaker EDEN and choose my desired preset.

    Preset/Style: Groove Master
    Kit: GRAVITY
    Pre-mix: SOLAR

  • Now I activate the LATCH-function of Beatmaker EDEN and prepare the recording setup in my DAW.
  • I play the following notes in interaction with the track:

    Intro: D#3 G#3

    Part 1: E3 B4 F3 G#3

    Main Part/Anthem: B3 F4

    Part 2/Trance: F4 E3 G#3 F3 A3 G#3

    Build-Up: F4 F4 B4 D#1/E1

    Main Part/Fade-Out: B3 G#3

That’s it!

Simple, easy and completely stress-free!

You now can quantize your midi-file and take it from here.

Download the midi-file here.