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Making of the Song “Unconditionally” with MELLOW


How to Add Yummy and Organic Bass Lines with Virtual Bassist MELLOW

Daniel Ruczko shows you how to compose a song using the new Virtual Bassist MELLOW. Daniel highlights the sonic versatility of UJAM’s instrument technology compared to common bass loops. This realism is achieved by intelligently added slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs – Virtual Bassist knows how to play them if you don’t:

Daniel describes the difference between Player and Instrument mode. With the player mode you can use different phrases played on the keyboard. He chooses the instrument mode to play his own melody. He builds a very classic Hiphop tune using two guitar samples and adding drums with Beatmaker DOPE.

In order to give it the right feel he uses Virtual Bassist MELLOW with a real and smooth sound. See how he adjusts the sound by tweaking Character, Mics, Position, Compressor and Equalizer. And then: Boom! Kayohes drops some lyrics.

Listen to the song “Unconditionally” here:

Video and Demo Song produced by: Daniel Ruczko
Vocals & Lyrics: Kayohes